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35 Awesome Fantasy Wallpaper Collection


What is it that intrigues, enthralls and lets your imagination rise to fantastic heights? Well no prizes for guessing, it is our prized fantasy. This psychological power of human mind gives immense, unbound pleasure to our senses and that is why all of us like to fantasize. It lets us travel into a land where impossible becomes possible and unattainable becomes attainable. Fantasy is attractive and pleasing and all of us like to bring it in our lives through different ways. The most common way is to surround ourselves with fantasy wallpapers.

Fantasy wallpapers come in various hues and shades. Ranging from spiritual to funny the variety is simply amazing. Every single individual can find a companion to soothe their senses. You can pick and choose any kind of fantasy that suits your taste. Below is a presentation of fantasy wallpapers with descriptions to help you grab the one that will elevate your mood and excite your senses. So, browse through the multifaceted fantasy landscape as we take you on a fantasy ride.

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Catch them if you can

Fantasy constellation of mystery landscapes.


Fearsome fantasy

Rising volcano and a savior helicopter in the faraway land.

Fantasy World

Fantasy tiger

Devilish man eater on a fantasy hunt.

Fantasy Tiger

Fantasy randezvous

Lovers on a secluded fantasy land vowing to stay together.

Fantasy Wallpaper

Fantasy ride

Fantasy biker on his adventure spree.

Final Fantasy

Blue world

Get transported to the fantasy blue land of aliens on a warfront.

Blue World

Colorful scenery

Fantasy green landscape with orange colored tree and tricolor sky

Fantasy World Wallpaper


Nimble and athletic lady warrior on her regal horse.

Final Fantasy Lightning

Ghost lady

The mystery woman in red on the prowl in a mystery land.

Lost Souls

Children’s delight

Exotic looking fairyland garden beckons the tiny tots.

Fantasy Garden

Green island

Lush green vegetated island waiting to be unearthed.

Fantasy Island

Femme fatale

The intriguing female warrior from the alien land.

Final Fantasy Girl Wallpaper

Fantasy warrior girl

Mystic fantasy lady with beaded jewels and tattoo.

Final Fantasy Girl

Horror fantasy

Haunted bungalow with iron gates waiting for its next victim.

Iron Gates To Hell

Royal fantasy

Multi storied fancy castles in a royal land.

Fantasy Art Scenery

Fantasy ride

Multi storied fancy castles in a royal land.

Fantasy Women

Fairy fantasy

Fairy descending from the skies.

The Fairy Magic Light


Planet undergoing disruption on a moonlit night.

Planet Fantasy

Colors, colors and colors

Bright, vibrant and colorful fantasy land.

Fantasy Scene

Blazing battle Ships

Adventurous battle ships in the dark sea waters out there to conquer

Battle Ships

Biting fantasy

Fearsome scorpion with the head of a skull waiting to bite your fantasy.

Fantasy Scorpion

Treasure fantasy

Treasure in a lush green jungle.

The Fantasy Door

Come, explore

Morning seashore view of a secluded world inviting the adventurers.

Dreams Of A Fantasy World

Dinosaur fantasy

White winged dinosaur in rocky land.

White Guardian

Steam punk sea battle

Fantasy battle on a steam punk sea.

Steam Punk Sea Battle

Train travel fantasy

Train journey into the skies.

Train Travel Fantasy

Nature fantasy

Cool and calm riverside night view to help you relax.

A Peaceul Nature

Nuclear Truck Fantasy

Awe inspiring fighter tank in a fantasy land.

Nuclear Truck Fantasy

Fighter fantasy

Fighters on a meteor striking night.

Meteor Wreck Wallpaper

Calm fantasy

Freshwater lonely lake amidst mountains.


Who is the king

Queer imaginary planets competing in a fantasy land.

Fantasy Planet Wallpaper

Fire breathing sea horse

The seahorse that spews fire and sparks.

Fire Breathing Sea Horse

Killing fantasy

Warrior golem out to kill.

Snowy Stone Golem

Last minute shot

Raging warrior strikes the final shot.

Last Minute Shot


Thunderstorm about to strike.

Thunderstorm Planet

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