Equine Photography: The Majesty of Horses in Photographs

Up until the 1900s, horses were the primary mode of transportation that humans had been using for centuries, and as such, humans have developed a natural respect for the grace, majesty and helpfulness of horses.  Horses also present a great opportunity for photographers, because they are large enough that they can easily be photographed, but they are also sometimes unpredictable and offer a variety of situations in which to be photographed.

In this post, we’re showcasing the majesty of equine photography by rounding up 30 awesome horse photographs.

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Wild Horses by Ron Jones

Horse Dragon by Alexia Kruscheva

Horse at Sunset by Serni

Tarsan by Anna Andres

Age of Loneliness by Swinspeed

Resting Mother by Gigja Einars

Frisian Horses by The Family Dog

Antes Dos Bretes by Eduardo Amorim

My Girls by Anna Andres

Oasis by Eleanor Hardwick

They Are So Different by Alexia Kruscheva

Horse’s Breakfast by Maxim Khytra

Horse’s Noses by Greta Korff

One by Mister Sullivan

The Drove by SuperPipo2010

Running Free by Mundilfari

Two Equestrian Riders by Mike Baird

Time To Go Home by Katarina2353

Born Free by littlelakey

Double Trouble by leesamaree

The Watcher by Westiemumma

The Winds of Heaven by Aspenbreeze

Going for the Finish by hvkam

Bianditz by Mikelo

Hurry Up by Anoodonna

Wild Stallions by Chris Gimmeson

Padlock Ranch Horse by William Allard

Black and White by Vedran Vidak

Partners by Brin

Stay Away from Me, Weirdo! by Ammar Alothman


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