30 Epic Examples of Game Concept Art

Game concept art is one of the most important parts of game development.  It establishes mood, setting, textures and overall storyline for the game, and provides 3D artists with a reference as to what the game itself should look like.  Videogame concept art is a dedicated profession by itself, although artists often branch into book cover art, movie concept art and other forms of digital painting.

In this post, you’ll find 30 epic examples of game concept artworks, from a variety of games from the past few years.  If you’re a fan of game art, you’ll love this collection.

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ALP by Ertac Altinoz

Glass Desert by BigHugeGames

Jannisery Concept by Kerem Beyit

The Pilgrimage by Ben Andrews

The Drill by tarrzan

Assassin’s Creed Fanart by Kerem Beyit

Big Huge Games

The Beastmaster by Noah-KH

Shrapnel Concept by Ukita Kumuki

Inferno Juggernaut by perzo

Gears of War by Michael Heilemann

Beacon by Mavor

AVCI by Ertac Altinoz

Blade Hunter by Suke84

Assassin’s Creed Kingdom by Raphael Lacoste

For the Horde by Abraao Lucas

Killzone 2 – Extrasolar War by skybolt

Brilliant by Redpeggy

Frost Shatter by Zephyri

Yek-Han by Ertac Altinoz

DA004 by Redpeggy

Ninja Gaiden by BobAngus

God of War by bananero54

FPS Tribute by janditlev

Dominance War IV by Nagare Boshi

Earth by redpeggy

Avatar: The Game by Ars Thanea

Changes by redpeggy

Crimson Dynamo by John Hayes

Ultraclypse by Kerem Beyit

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