20 Awesome Dragon Wallpapers

Dragon wallpapers are some of the most awe-inspiring wallpapers in the fantasy genre.  Dragons have often played roles in mythology as well as providing for alliterative figures in religious texts, antagonists in movies and fantasy novels and other media.

Dragon artworks are very popular in various fantasy settings, as their impervious scales, fire breath and wings make them some of the most interesting fantasy creatures.  They also serve for a great desktop wallpaper, so in this collection, we’ve gathered up 20 awesome dragon wallpapers.

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Dragon Turtle by Maroc 68

How to Train Your Dragon by Krissy

Dragon Wallpaper by kushion08

Fire Dragon by Vladstudio

Make Me Proud by OmeN2501

Baptism of Fire by Grzegorz Rutkowski

Dragon Wars by aphostol

Dragon Spirit by vortexdragon

Dragon Mountains by higherdepths

Brave Heart by apofiss

Legendary Boon by kerembeyit

Over the Clouds by kerembeyit

Red Dragon by deepblue9

Midnight Dragon by anniasha

How to Capture a Dragon by noah_kh

Dragon Dawn by ironshod

War of Dragons by kerembeyit

Dragon Castle by Randis

Hydrolic Hydra by ironshod

Dragon Attack by andreewallin

20 Awesome Dragon Wallpapers