134 Interesting Dove Tattoos (2018 Edition)

The dove tattoos are a very popular symbolic tattoo that look pleasant and also exhibit a variety of emotions and traits. The delicate and peaceful bird is widely known as a harbinger of peace and love but it has more to itself than the famous symbolic meaning. The dove is also a symbol of purity and hope and Christians consider it as a lucky sign because according to the Bible, it was the dove who told Noah that the flood was on the wane and that they would find a place on the shore to start a new life. Therefore, the dove tattoos also represent hope, new beginning and life.

The dove tattoo is carved along with other images such as rose, cross, heart, peace sign, angel wings etc. to represent the other meanings such as love, devotion and commitment. The dove is a committed avian who are monogamous in nature and also love their young ones like no other creature. It is the only bird that is said to produce milk and leaves foraging just before the birth of their babies so that the young ones could digest the milk easily. Well, there is lot more to the doves that you will get to know through this post that has 134 dove tattoo designs. So, dive into it and delve the doves deeper. Enjoy.

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Tiny White Ink Dove Tattoo

This tiny White ink Dove tattoo on the wrist speaks volumes about trust, faith and beliefs.

Small Dove Tattoo

Delicate and airy, this small dove tattoo is a gorgeous piece to ink.

Quote Dove Tattoo

This dove tattoo seems to be giving the message that we should trust on god for he has plans for us.

Minimalistic Dove Tattoo Design

A minimalistic Dove tattoo design like this is made for anyone who wants it basic yet trendy!

Fabulous Dove With Clouds Tattoo

This Fabulous handpiece shows the Dove with Clouds, carrying a holy message.

Sweet Dove Tattoo

Carved on the hand, this miniature dove tattoo symbolizes that small steps can also bring peace and love in our life.
Sweet Dove Tattoo

Sweet Couple Dove Tattoo

Doves are a symbol of love and loyalty, making them perfect for a sweet couple tattoo.

Little Dove Tattoo

Doves are a symbol of undying love and this little dove tattoo is perfect for areas like wrist, waist, and ankle.

Elegant Dove Tattoo for Girls

Looking elegant and so very classy, this Dove tattoo for girls is a perfect wrist design!

Intricate Men’s Dove Tattoo

This intricate Men’s Dove Tattoo will make you celebrate an important day of your life forever.

Sophisticated Dove Heart Tattoo

Sophisticated and elegant this Dove and Heart tattoo uses dark lines to create an attractive design.

R.I.P Dove Tattoo

Pay homage to a loved one with this delicate shoulder Dove Tattoo.

Realistic Dove Tattoo

This Realistic Dove Tattoo here plays a lot with the shading and look absolutely surreal.

Minimalistic Dove Tattoo

This barely there, minimalistic Dove tattoo is good for all those who want to keep it subtle.

Doves Tattoo Design

Unusual and very striking, this Dove Tattoo design is one of the best of the lots!

Stylish Flying Dove Tattoo

This tiny-winy dove tattoo is both meaningful and very very stylish!
Stylish Flying Dove Tattoo

Simplistic Dove Tattoo

With simplicity at its best, this dove tattoo is going to bring so much elegance to your personality!

Unique Dove Tattoo On Arm

This unique Dove tattoo on arm is rather a dark rendition of the dove tattoo. The dove, which generally holds an olive branch, is seen holding a grenade here.

Cute Dove Tattoo With Quote

A cute Dove tattoo with quote is all you need to bring in all those positive vibes in your life.

Lovely Dove Neck Tattoo

Propagate non-violence and peace with this lovely Dove neck tattoo, where “ahimsa” translates to non-violence.

Dove Outline Tattoo

A Dove Outline tattoo like this conveys a special meaning of infinite hope.

Small Dove Tattoo With Star

This minimalistic dove tattoo with stars is cute and girlish!

Small Dove Tattoo Behind The Ear

A tiny-viny small Dove tattoo behind the ear is a beautiful way to begin your tattoo journey!

Dove Hand Tattoo

This is rather a manly tattoo and gives a robust look. The dove here spreads the mighty wings to fly.

Beautiful Two Doves Tattoo

Perfectly placed, this extremely beautiful two Doves tattoo is a great pick for a feminine and meaningful tattoo.

Vibrant Dove Foot Tattoo

Don’t stay boring and pick a fun color for a vibrant Dove tattoo on foot.

Adorable Dove Wrist Tattoo

This adorable Dove Wrist tattoo is cute, simplistic, and very feminine.

Colorful Dove Tattoo

This sober colored dove tattoo has a soothing and beautiful touch that symbolizes love, peace and devotion.
Colorful Dove Tattoo

Adorable Back Dove Tattoo

The dove, extending the olive branch, makes for a lovely tattoo piece that denotes hope and success.
Adorable Back Dove Tattoo

Geometrical Dove Tattoo

This breath-taking Geometric patterned Dove Tattoo on the back will be one of the most captivating design people would ever see!

Pleasing Women Dove Tattoo

Flying dove tattoo carved on the left side of the chest says that the girl believes in peace and has found it.
Pleasing Women Dove Tattoo

Meaningful Dove Tattoo

The doves with rose flower and a cross together create a profound tattoo piece connecting peace, love and divinity together.
Meaningful Dove Tattoo

Cute Dove Tattoo

Preach Peace in style with this super cute Dove Tattoo on back ribs.

Alluring Dove With Olive Branch Tattoo

This alluring tattoo on the shoulder is at its minimalistic best. Go for it if you want a basic design of a Dove with olive branch.
Alluring Dove With Olive Branch Tattoo

Flying Dove Tattoo

The dove carries the message of peace and love wherever it goes and this is why it is loved by people in all cultures.
Flying Dove Tattoo

Peaceful Dove Tattoo

This dove, holding twigs in its beaks and the peace sign embossed over its body, has come with the purpose of initiating truce.
Peaceful Dove Tattoo

Friends Dove Tattoo

The friends have got identical dove tattoos as a mark of love for their friendship and with the hope that their bond will always remain peaceful.
Friends Dove Tattoo

Lovely Dove Tattoo

Dove tattoo coupled with Shakespeare’s quote makes for a lovely tattoo that means truth and peace are inseparable elements.
Lovely Dove Tattoo

Decent Dove Tattoo

This flying black and grey dove is full of deep meanings that relate to love, peace, harmony, devotion and all kinds of pure feelings.
Decent Dove Tattoo

Sexy Twin Dove Tattoo

These two doves symbolize the kids of the woman who have brought great peace and love in her life.
Sexy Twin Dove Tattoo

Dove Peace Tattoo

The dove, the symbol of peace, is a harbinger of the good times that are about to come and this tattoo symbolizes this very fact.
Dove Peace Tattoo

Sweet Shoulder Dove Tattoo

The pink and blue dove stands for the lovely couple and the girl has got them carved as a lucky charm to sustain peace in her relationship.
Sweet Shoulder Dove Tattoo

Pretty Dove Foot Tattoo

This light blue dove carved in a flying motion represents the freedom that must be the guiding force behind the steps that we take in life.

Lovely Dove Tattoo With Words

Forgiveness brings peace in life and therefore, one must forgive but never forget the lesson learned from it; this is the message of the upper back tattoo.
Lovely Dove Tattoo With Words

Lovey Dovey Tattoo

The dove, holding a rose in its mouth, represents love and a blessed life; full of peace and harmony that comes along with it.
Lovey Dovey Tattoo

Trendy Side Dove Tattoo

Simple and elegant, this flying dove tattoo is a symbol of liberty and hope; the essential elements of a blissful life.
Trendy Side Dove Tattoo

Stunning Dove Memorial Tattoo

Opt for this stunning dove memorial tattoo, and make the parted soul stay with you forever.
Stunning Dove Memorial Tattoo

Cool Dove Tattoo

The hardcore punk music i.e. NHYC and the dark dove together stand for the relationship between music and peace.
Cool Dove Tattoo

Unusual Twin Dove Tattoo

Rock this twin dove tattoo design, pretty unusual and eye-catchy!
Unusual Twin Dove Tattoo

White Dove Tattoo

This dove tattoo carved in gold and white embodies the guiding holy spirit that was always present with the Jesus Christ.
White Dove Tattoo

Beautiful Dove Tattoo With Orchids

The dove and the orchids resemble each other and both being soft and pure creations of nature look adorable together.
Beautiful Dove Tattoo With Orchids

Cute Side Dove Tattoo

This glittery and cute side dove tattoo with the tagline “Alis volat propriis”, means “She flies with her own wings”.
Cute Side Dove Tattoo

Spiritual Dove Tattoo

Dove with olive branch that symbolizes peace and the holy spirit and holds a deep religious meaning for the wearer.
Spiritual Dove Tattoo

Simple Dove Tattoo

A simple dhttps://www.creativefan.com/important/cf/2012/08/dove-tattoos/upper-chest.jpg” rel=”noopener” rel=”nofollow”>Simple Dove Tattoo

Music Lover Dove Tattoo

This peace-loving girl is a fan of the music album MCMXC and has got a tattoo on her back depicting both the likes.

Alluring Dove Tattoo

Wings curled together and holding an olive branch in its beaks, this dove stands for harmony and fraternity peace brings in the world.
Alluring Dove Tattoo

Small Dove Tattoo Design

A dove with the olive leaf in its beak denotes harmony and this small dove tattoo design is indicative of exactly that!
Small Dove Tattoo Design

Red And White Dove Tattoo

Love and peace are the twin sides of the same coin and this dove tattoo stands for the same fact.

The Love Messenger Dove Tattoo

Carrying a tulip in its beak, the monogamous dove represents commitment and devotion to one’s lover.
The Love Messenger Dove Tattoo

RIP Tattoo

The person got this dove tattoo with a name in the loving memory of his friend with a wish that his soul may rest in peace.

Be Free Dove Tattoo

Wings stretched out and tail in motion, this flying dove asserts the glory and bliss of freedom that is the aim of every individual’s life.

Stunning Dove Tattoo Picture

This back tattoo piece having so many doves flying together in the stars is a symbol of peaceful co-existence.
Stunning Dove Tattoo Picture

Dainty Dove Tattoo

The light blue dove and the flowers symbolize the serenity that universal peace brings for the people on earth.
Dainty Dove Tattoo

Splendid Side Piece Dove Tattoo

This majestic dove tattoo with a rising sun in backdrop and a quote symbolizes the belief of the person in god and his guiding spirit.

Stunning Dove Tattoo Behind Ear

This stunning dove tattoo placed behind the ear looks nothing but trendy!
Stunning Dove Tattoo Behind Ear

Stomach Dove Tattoo

The hunger for peace leads us to eternal bliss and the result is a heart full of love; this is the meaning of the grey dove tattoo.

Creative Dove Tattoo for Men

This very creative dove tattoo for men can hold religious importance or can even be in the memory of a deceased person.
Creative Dove Tattoo for Men

Delectable Dove Tattoo

The mother exhibits her love for her son with this dove tattoo carved along with his name as the bird too is a caring and affectionate mother.
Delectable Dove Tattoo

Amazing Dove With Heart Tattoo

Done in beautiful fine lines this tattoo is an amazing masterpiece covering the whole chest and has Doves with a Heart.

Colorful Peace Bird Tattoo

This colored peace bird tattoo shows the Dove in its true sense.

Pretty Dove And Flower Tattoo

This Dove with flower tattoo combines the pretty bird with a lily and is a perfect expression of beauty and love.

Small Dove Tattoo On Wrist

This small dove tattoo on wrist is so gorgeously done that the coin here looks very much real!

Enchanting Dove And Cloud Tattoo

This enchanting Dove with clouds tattoo is s a great indication of hope as it shows the bird soaring through the dark background.

Stylish Tattoo With Dove

Tattoos with flying Doves like these look very elegant and stylish.

Vibrant Dove Flower Tattoo

This Dove with flower tattoo is vibrant and perfect for those looking for something bright.

Gorgeous Dove Tattoo On Shoulder

This gorgeous dove tattoo on the shoulder is very detailed and the stance of the dove is strong showing courage.

Cool Dove Tattoo For Guy

Denoting World Peace and Harmony, this sleeve design is one cool Dove tattoo for guys.

Elegant Dove Outline Tattoo

A great example of showing how minimalistic tattoos work best, this outline Dove tattoo is one elegant choice to make!

Magnificent Dove Tattoo On Chest

Containing a Dove, a few roses and a watch, this magnificent and detailed dove Tattoo on chest conveys the beautiful message of staying true to oneself.

Incredible Dove And Rose Tattoo

This incredible Dove and Rose tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants a meaningful sleeve tattoo.

Marvellous Dove Tattoo for Men

This marvellously crafted Dove Tattoo for men connotes freedom and is perfect for a back design.

Tribal Dove Tattoo

This Biblical Tribal Dove Tattoo on your back can be a great way to connect with Almighty. The intricate design is further adding depth to it.

Holy Spirit Dove Tattoo

A truly spectacular design, this Holy Spirit dove Tattoo is going to work for anyone who wants his tattoo to display his religious beliefs.

Black Dove Tattoo

This Fabulous Black Dove tatto on the back looks very charming accompanied with a message of love.

Religious Dove Tattoos

Talking about elaborate tattoos, this version of Religious Dove Tattoos indicating replenishment is a sure shot winner!

Peace Dove Tattoo

Go twinning with your favourite person in these matching Dove Tattoos bearing Love and Peace.

Majestic Dove Chest Tattoo

This Dove on Chest tattoo beautifully infuses the Dove, Heart and the Cross together, looking absolutely majestic.

Stunning Dove Feather Tattoo

With such a stunning Dove Feather tattoo on your leg, you’re going to make many people envious.

Cute Matching Dove Tattoo

Go ahead and lock your bond forever with these cute matching Dove Tattoos with your tribe.

Mourning Dove Tattoo

Pray for Peace for those parted souls close to your heart by getting inked with this mystifying Mourning Dove tattoo on your forearm.

Traditional Dove Tattoo

A traditional Dove Tattoo is symbolic of hope, faith and peace and this design here captures all of that in an unconventional way.

Cross With Dove Tattoo

This Cross with Dove tattoo on the shoulder can be a unique way to display your religious beliefs.

Amazing Dove Cross Tattoo

Spread the message of love and peace with this amazing Dove and Cross tattoo done in dot-work.

Mind-Blowing Dove Shoulder Tattoo

This mind-blowing dove tattoo on shoulder is an example of great work of ink representing faith and victory.

Dove Tattoo With Cage

This sweet little Dove tattoo with cage is a perfect design for neck and will add on to your gorgeousness!

Peace Bird Tattoo

Combine a sweet little quote with your Peace Bird a.k.a Dove tattoo for an inspirational tattoo.

Unique Dove Tattoo

This unique Dove tattoo is the perfect representation of psychedelic and spiritual art form.

Spectacular Dove Tattoo On Arm

This Spectacular Dove tattoo on arm shows it as the Messenger of God.

Twin Black Dove Tattoo

If hate is a locked lock, then love is the definite key to it and this super gorgeous twin Black dove tattoo means exactly that!

Vibrant Dove Tattoo

This Vibrant Dove tattoo with all its eye-catchy colors adds much beauty to the feet it has been inked on.

Gorgeous Black and Gray Dove Tattoo

Adorn your thigh with this gorgeous pair of black and gray Dove tattoo done in hyper-realistic style.

Amazing Dove Tattoo for Girls

Tattoos on the lower back look very attractive and this amazing Dove tattoo for girls is no different!

Beautiful Dove Tattoo For Girls

This Extremely beautiful Dove Tattoo for girls is a great idea as to infuse some lettering to your tattoo!

Awesome Dove Tattoo For Women

This extremely spectacular geometrical dove tattoo for women takes the ink game to new levels!

Small Dove Tattoo On Belly

This small dove tattoo done in white color is a symbol for peace and harmony.

Amazing Dove Tattoo Sleeve

Infuse some stunning flowers with a dove for an amazing dove tattoo sleeve for guys.

Unique Dove Wings Tattoo

Gorgeous and very eye-catchy, this unique dove tattoo with a broken wing is symbolic of the fact that one should never give up!

Awesome Dove Tattoo Idea

One of the most awesome Dove tattoo ideas, this design on the fist looks super-kickass!

Stylish Feminine Dove Tattoo

A perfect feminine dove tattoo, this ribs design looks classy and stylish!

Stylish Dove Tattoos

One of the most stylish dove tattoos around, this one designs the bird in a tiny way along with some big, bold lettering.

Cute Ankle Dove Tattoo

Keeping the design basic, this cute dove tattoo on ankle is a great way to go about these tattoos.

Fabulous Dove Tattoo

This adorable dove tattoo design on the back is a fabulous idea to show love and bonding.

Cool Dove Tattoo For Men

A fantastic and super-cool dove tattoo for men on the chest is a great way to describe yourself!

Colorful Dove Tattoo Designs

This amazingly colorful Dove tattoo design shows the bird with a clover leaf which is a sign of luck and hope.

Lovely Dove and Heart Tattoo

Doves are a symbol of eternal love and affection, and this lovely dove with heart tattoo captures this very emotion in an apt way!

Fabulous Dove Tattoo with Key

Gorgeously placed, this Dove tattoo with key moving towards the lock is a great piece of ink!

Attractive Wrist Dove Tattoo

Keeping the design basic yet very attractive, this dove tattoo on wrist is for every free-thinker.

Superb Chest Dove Tattoo

Perfectly inked on the chest, this superb Dove tattoo is a great pick for guys.

Kickass Dove Tattoo Idea For Men

This Dove tattoo with Cherry Blossoms is going to look pretty kickass and is an unconventional pick for men!

Adorable Thigh Dove Tattoo

If you’re looking for something basic, then this adorable dove tattoo on thigh is what you need to check out!

Splendid Dove Religious Tattoo

Show your religious beliefs in style with this splendid Dove tattoo on the back!

Sexy Hip Dove Tattoo

This fuss-free Dove tattoo on the hip is going to look super sexy!

Attractive Rose With Dove Tattoo

This Attractive Rose with Dove tattoo is an indicator of love and harmony.

Black Ink Dove Tattoo

Filled with simple and fine details, this black ink dove tattoo is going to accentuate your personality so well!

3D Dove Tattoo

This fantastic 3D dove tattoo on the back is indicative of the freedom of the soul.

Incredible Memorial Dove Tattoo

Doves are often inked to pay homage to a loved one and this incredible memorial dove tattoo is no different!

Girly Dove Tattoo

This girly dove tattoo idea is super trendy and cute!

Dazzling Dove Tattoo

This dazzling dove tattoo has used the trending watercolor technique, and looks absolutely surreal!

Twin Dove Tattoo

Depict your undying love with this twin Dove tattoo in black and gray.

Sweet Dove Tattoo Design

This sweet dove tattoo design with words”Mo Stoirin”, meaning “My Daling” is perfect for showing love.

Upper Back Vibrant Dove Tattoo

Get your Dove tattoo done in the most vibrant and eye-catchy colors for a design like no other!

Spectacular Dove Tattoo Image

One of the most spectacular dove tattoo images, this dot-work based design is beyond comparison!

Beautiful Dove Tattoo Pic

This beautiful Dove tattoo pic is elegant and is a great way to add a bit of oomph to your personality!

Tiny Dove Tattoo On Wrist

Keeping the design extremely basic and striking, this tiny dove tattoo on wrist is a great option for a first timer.

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