Dog Photography: Man’s Best Friend in Photographs

Dogs are widely regarded as man’s best friend, although everyone has their own preference for pets.  Coming in a variety of different breeds, sizes, shapes and personalities, no two dogs are alike.  Whether you’re a fan of big, loyal guardians or small, playful puppies, dogs never cease to bring smiles to our faces.

In this collection of dog photography, we’ve gathered up some adorable dog photographs taken by pet owners of their best friends.

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The Man and His Friend by Elisabetta Ronchi

Untitled by Kiwi

Be With You by Biduri

Dog by Brian Hathcock

Snowdogs by wzopf

Beastie Boy by Hajdu Tamas

Puppy by Bogdan Suditu

The Broken Chair by Can Berkol

My Little Dog by RobEe

Windfighter by Marc Barcelo

Snowstorm by Bragi

I Wanna Be Your Dog by E3000

Shower Time by Nicole Goggins

Advertising by Jonathan Chapman

She’s Mine by jchip8

Ball Play by pixie led

Has Anyone Seen My Dog? by jujuba

My Dog Can Fly by jstar

Wibur Likes Leaves by mommamia

Dog by Observer

Dog by Matej Kmet

It’s Not My Birthday? by Geoffrey Jones

Hypnotizing by Anita Sadowska

My Dog Making Fun of Me by Lea Kessing

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