35 Cute Hairstyles For Girls You Can Try Today


Hairstyles are meant to be changed and that is why they are there in the first place. Girls like to experiment with their hairstyle in order to keep up with the fashion trends. Not only this, a change in hairstyle is also resorted to because they want to sport a new and fresh look. After all, that gets you attention as well as praise and who does not like to be praised and attended. It always gives a nice feeling and you end up feeling good about yourself.

The most important thing to be considered while choosing a hairstyle is that it should suit you. When you are going for a cute hairstyle you must look for one that is charming and attractive. You must not go overboard in your zeal for experimentation otherwise you might be faced with a negative outcome. The idea is to choose styles that are easy to maintain and in fashion because if these two factors are ignored then whole effort goes waste. To avoid that you must do your homework and we can help you with that. Below is a cool collage of thirty five cute hairstyles for girls. Grab your style.

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Appealing portrait

Shoulder length wet hair loose opened makes for an appealing portrait

Beautiful Portrait

Straight bangs

Long straight bangs with blue highlights and curly ends are cool.

Straight Bang

Cute hairstyle

Light brown hair with side swept bangs bunched back and left flowing sideways.

Toy Story

Bouncy curls

Light brown bouncy layered curls left flowing one side.

Cute Hairstyle


Neck length shiny straight brown hair is elegant and graceful.


Pink braids

Braided buns with pink highlights on sides joined together to form a hairband with bangs.


My Georgie Henley hairstyle

Lustrous brown tresses bunched back with a ribbon in a side pony behind the ear and slightly covered forehead.

My Georgie Henley Hairstyle

You will not forget

Smooth long flowing blonde hair covered in a hat can’t be ignored.

You Will Not Forget

Long blonde hair

Long blonde hair with side swept bangs has a graceful touch.

Long Blonde Hair

Flowers in hair

Long brown straight hair decorated with flowers makes the lady look like a pretty diva.

Long Brown Hair

Glamorous hair

Long blonde hair in steps let loose sideways.

Glamorous Hair

Girl with earring

Dark hair with side curls held with a thick band on top.

Girl With Earring

Tattoo girl

Light brown hair in steps with slanting bangs flowing downwards.



Dark brown layerd hair with wavy curls in lower ends and thick bangs.


Black and white

Blonde hair with black highlights bunched in a side bun with loose flowing bangs around.

Hair Buns

Winter look

Straight blonde medium length hair shortened and let loose on front.

Medium Blonde Hair

Girl in Ao Yem

Dark black hair tightly held with an orange band into a pigtail and the girl is ready for her day.

Girl in Ao Yem

Somber hair

Neck length bouncy curls parted sideways have a somber look.

Big Hair


Sleek and smooth dark straights for the nerdy types.


Medium Hairh

Medium length straight hair dipped in redish brown color has the oomph factor.

Medium Red Hair

Lady with umbrella

Long light layered hair in steps left open is fresh and fragrant.

Lenay Dunn


Long dark brown semi curly locks clipped on top and let loose on sides.

Tempus Vernum

Golden time

Uneven jagged layers held back with a slightly covered forehead.

Golden Time

Another day

Short straight hair with back curls and locks on sides and front is perfect for parties.

Another Day

Waiting for him

Smooth blonde straights falling on shoulders with slanting bangs on front.

Waiting For Him

Brown hair with side bangs

Try out the sleek look with side bangs and cover them up with a cap.

Brown Hair With Side Bangs

Red riding hood

Wavy blonde hair sticking around the face of the lady in red shirt create mystery.

Red Riding Hood

Short hair

Extreme short hair with long bangs on top swept sideways.

Short Hair With Bangs


Long black wild treses held in hands are enticing.


Up and ready

Dark hair bunched together with a highlighted clutcher.

Updo Hair

Fresh flowers

Dark brown tresses held back in a bun with long wavy bangs on front cast a spell.

Fresh Flowers

Nice blonde hair

Simple straight blonde hair left open and slightly bent on forehead is a delight to look at.

Nice Blonde Hair

Flowing black

Flowing black hair parted midways have a shy, docile look.

Removing Sand Castles

Medium black hair

Medium length black hair in steps with thick bangs on front.

Medium Black Hair

Killer look

The ravishing lady with voluminous curly updo is a stunner.

Autumn Girl

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