Cross Tattoos For Women

233 Awesome Cross Tattoos For Women (2018 Edition)


Cross tattoos are not about the religion alone, but the universal faith as well. The immense popularity of Cross tattoos also makes them a big style statement among men and women alike. However, girls wear Cross tattoos with full style and fashion. Not affecting its divine significance, the Cross tattoos for women are beautifully balanced with gorgeous patterns and lovely themes.

Do not underestimate women’s Cross tattoos for being typically floral and visibly feminine. You may see a woman wearing a bold Cross tattoo with flames and other hard symbols. Mostly, you would see a Celtic knot Cross tattoo on a woman, as it perhaps comes to them naturally, for its pretty styling. Besides, tribal or rustic Cross tattoo designs are also equally popular among women. Check out in the list below, 22 inspiring Cross tattoos designed for women.

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Gorgeous Faith Cross Tattoo

With this delicately gorgeous faith cross tattoo on wrist, you’re going to make a style statement!

Amazing Cross Tattoo On The Arm

This amazing and catchy Cross tattoo on arm is the best way to remember your loved one and honor them.

Delicate Cross Tattoo On Finger

With this delicate Cross and rosary tattoo on your finger, you’re definitely going get a lot of attention!

Simple Cross Tattoo For Women

This simple black cross tattoo for women on the back looks really sophisticated.

Superb Rose And Cross Tattoo

This superb-looking rose and cross tattoo is a great way to show the delicate nature of your strength.

Pretty Cross Tattoo Design

You can never really go wrong with a well-designed, pretty Cross tattoo design like this!

Gorgeous Roman Cross Tattoo Design

With all the superb detailing and design, this Roman Cross tattoo design looks gorgeous on the nape.

Adorable Cross Finger Tattoo

This simple and adorable representation of a cross tattoo on the finger is a perfect pick for girls.

Cute Tattoo Of Cross For Girl

Simple, fuss-free tattoos of Cross like this look extremely cute and are pretty famous among girls.

Small Cross Tattoo Design

A small and sweet cross tattoo design on the back of the neck is a great way to honor your christian heritage.

Tribal Cross Tattoo With Wing

This impeccably drawn tribal cross tattoo with wings is a unique and captivating design to have.

Jesus On The Cross Arm Tattoo

This incredibly gorgeous Jesus on the cross arm tattoo is perfect for depicting your religious beliefs.

Small Tattoo Of Cross For Girl

This small, snowflake-like tattoo of cross is a perfect pick to get on foot for girls.

Pretty Rose And Cross Tattoo

Pretty and graceful, this rose and cross tattoo is a perfect pick to get on the shoulder.

Kickass Tribal Cross Tattoo

This tribal cross tattoo on the back with heart in the middle looks totally kickass!

Graceful Cross Tattoo On Foot

Designed like a piece of pretty jewelry, this cross tattoo on foot looks graceful.

Adorable Cross Neck Tattoo

A tiny and adorable cross neck tattoo can never go out of fashion among tattoo lovers.

Girly Cross Tattoo Idea

Styled with a curvy design and richly shaded patterns, this girly cross tattoo idea on the shoulder looks fab.

Stylish Celtic Cross Tattoo

This very stylish and catchy Celtic cross tattoo with a rose in the centre looks very appealing!

Awesome Cross And Heart Tattoo

A big red heart at the center with angel wings looks really awesome in this Cross tattoo.

Simple Cross Tattoo

For those who wants to keep it basic and subtle, this simple cross tattoo on the neck is perfect.

Best Cross Tattoo

One of the best cross tattoos ever, this design inks some stunning red jewels in the design.

Heart Cross Tattoo

Enclosed with a heart, this Cross tattoo on the neck looks super pretty.

Girlish Cross Tattoo

This realistic looking Cross tattoo with metallic design looks really girlish.

Small Cross With Wings Tattoo

This small cross with wings tattoo on the neck speaks of the desire to rise higher.

Classy Cross Tattoo For Girl

This black cross tattoo for girls is basic and at the same time very classy.

Side Cross Tattoo

This delicate and pretty side cross tattoo is the perfect religious design for women.

Unbeliveable Tribal Cross Tattoo

This richly shaded tribal Cross tattoo has some sharp angular lines giving warrior-like feel, truly an unbelievable design.

Stunning Celtic Cross Tattoo For Women

This Celtic Cross tattoo for women with bright knots in green give a leafy look to this stunning tattoo.

Colorful Cross Tattoo For Women

This green-colored Cross tattoo for women is perfect for describing life in a spiritual sense.

Suave Celtic Cross Tattoo

Embrace your religious beliefs with this Celtic Cross tattoo on the shoulder, which looks extremely suave.

Intricate Cross With Wing Tattoo

Elaborate and intricate, this Cross with wings tattoo has a rising sun background which denotes hope, and remembrance of a loved soul.

Spectacular Jesus Cross Tattoo

This deep-blue Jesus Cross tattoo looks absolutely spectacular with all the fine detailing.

Feminine Cross Tattoo

This small cross tattoo with wings looks extremely feminine and lovely!

Tribal Cross Tattoo For Women

A tribal cross tattoo in bold and curvy patterns is a great choice for women.

Matching Cross Tattoo

Speak the language of love with these matching Cross tattoos for him and her.

Beautiful Cross with Angel Wing

A Cross with angel wings is a beautiful way to remember a loved one.

Charming Celtic Cross Tattoo For Girl

Beautiful and charming Celtic cross tattoo for girls on lower back.

Attractive Wooden Cross Tattoo

An attractive wooden Cross tattoo for the inner wrist.

Unique Cross Tattoo For Women

Inked with curvy lines and a rounded shape, this is one unique cross tattoo for women.

Cute Cross Tattoo For Girl On Finger

Cute little black Cross tattoo for girls on their fingers.

Wonderful Cross Tattoo Idea

Wonderful black Cross tattoo idea with blue in between and rustic pattern in the surrounding.

Pretty Wooden Cross Tattoo

A pretty reminder of your religious beliefs, this Wooden Cross tattoo on the arm looks perfect!

Vibrant Girl Celtic Cross Tattoo

Vibrant Celtic knot cross tattoo with three colorful rings representing a birthstone is perfect for girls.

Celtic Cross Tattoo For Women

This unique Celtic Cross tattoo for women on the shoulder looks fab!

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