Cross Tattoos For Women

233 Awesome Cross Tattoos For Women (2018 Edition)


Beautiful Christian Tattoo For Girl

This jewelry like Cross design is one beautiful option for Christian tattoos for girls.

Funky Cross and Lettering Tattoo

Funky cross with lettering tattoo for those edgy girls.

Faith Cross Tattoo

This faith cross tattoo on the arm looks gorgeous and is perfect for girls.

Kickass Iron Cross Tattoo

Big and meticulously ratified iron cross tattoo on hand looks just kickass!

Striking Picture Of Tattoo Cross

This super-striking picture of tattoo Cross on the back is unique and perfect.

Delicate Cross Foot Tattoo

Tender and sleek vine holding a tiny Cross pendant in this delicate Cross tattoo on foot.

Mind-Blowing Cross Tattoo Idea

A massive colored Cross tattoo idea on a trapped heart with a backdrop of a big flame, this design is just mind-blowing!

Colorful Cross Tattoo For Girl

Cute colorful Cross tattoo filled with soothing colors is an awesome option for colors.

Gorgeous Women Cross Tattoo

This women’s cross tattoo in simple red and black looks gorgeous and very attractive.

Praying Hands Tattoo Chest

This amazingly drawn praying hands tattoo on the chest is great for girls who wants to go a bit elaborative with their tattoo.

Gorgeous Celtic Cross Tattoo For Women

This well-designed, huge Celtic cross tattoo for women looks immensely gorgeous!

Incredibe Tattoo Praying Hands With Cross

This tattoo of praying hands with cross looks incredible and is an awesome choice for women.

Girl Cross Tattoo Design

This girl’s cross tattoo design with Veritas written means truth.

Realistic Hand And Cross Tattoo

This incredibly drawn, realistic hand and cross tattoo on the arm in black and white is a great option for tattoo lovers.

Cute Cross Tattoo For Girl

Decorate your waistline with a simple cross tattoo and top it off with some cute looking elements like hearts and designs, perfect design for girls.

Matching Praying Hand Cross Tattoo

If you’re a spiritual couple and have strong belief in religion then a matching praying hands cross tattoo is definitely for you both!

Eye-Catchy Cross Tattoo Idea

When it comes to cross tattoos, the simpler, the better and this cross tattoo idea in all black is one eye-catchy design.

Stylish Cross With Angel Wing Tattoo Pciture

Keeping it basic and classy, this Cross with angel wings tattoo picture on the ribs looks exceptionally stylish!

Gothic Cross With Wing Tattoo

This contrasting and double-hued Gothic cross with wingstattoo of a cross is a great way to remember your dear ones.

Stunning Cross With Angel Wing Tattoo

Stunning and meaningful, this Cross with angel wings tattoo on the back is a pretty option for girls.

Terrific Cross With Eagle Wing Tattoo

This Cross with Eagle wings tattoo on the neck looks terrific and super edgy!

Striking Cross And Wing Tattoo Design

With all the subtle colors and striking design, this Cross and Wings tattoo design is the perfect thing for girls!

Small Side Cross Tattoo On Hand

Nothing is going to look more elegant and feminine than this small Cross tattoo on hands.

Small Cross Tattoo On Hand

A small and simple cross tattoo on hand like this is a rage even among celebrities and looks pretty darn stylish!

Stunning Cross With Wing Tattoo

A Cross with wings tattoo denotes religious freedom and is a great idea to have if you want your cross tattoo to not just look but mean meaningful!

Cross With Quote Tattoo

This super amazing Cross and quote tattoo on the shoulder is the best idea to honor your faith and religion.

Cute Tattoo Of Cross On Wrist

This small tattoo of Cross on the wrist looks immensely cute and symbolizes faith and belief.

Jesus Nailed To The Cross Tattoo

Go ahead and get this incredible Jesus nailed to the Cross tattoo on your shoulder for showing your utmost devotion to God.

Adorable Cross Tattoo Idea

A tiny cross tattoo idea in the shape of a heart behind the ear is quite an adorable choice to go for.

Awesome Couple Cross Tattoo

Rock these super awesome Couple cross tattoo with your partner, and go twining together!

Pretty Cross Tattoo For Women

This simple and pretty cross tattoo for women on the shoulder is the best way to enhance your style quotient.

Intricate Bible Verse With Cross Tattoo

This elaborate and huge Bible verse with cross tattoo on the back is a great example of your Christian beliefs.

Sexy Cross Tattoo On Side Rib

This Cross tattoo on side rib of an inverted cross looks sexy and appealing.

Stone Cross Tattoo Design

This real looking, stylish, and 3D Stone Cross tattoo design not only looks amazing but is also an edgy choice to show off your religious beliefs.

Mind-Blowing Cross Tattoo Design

This realistic, 3D Cross tattoo design looks extremely mind-blowing with the contrasting colors.

Small Cross Foot Tattoo

A well-colored, small Cross tattoo on foot like this is enough to highlight that pretty foot of yours!

Fantastic Cross With Flower Tattoo Design

This Cross with flowers tattoo design on sides looks totally fantastic!

Girly Cross Tattoo

This girly Cross tattoo on the back looks extremely pretty and sweet.

Pretty Cross Tattoo On Hip

A simple and pretty cross tattoo on hip teamed up with an anchor and a heart.

Stunning Picture Of Tattoo Cross

This picture of a tattooed cross on the shoulder looks stunning.

Cute Cross With Music Note Tattoo

A simple, uncomplicated, and cute cross with music note tattoo is the perfect way of incorporating both of these designs.

Alluring Cross Tattoo Design For Girl

Done perfectly on both legs this simple yet very alluring cross tattoo design is perfect for girls.

Vibrant Celtic Cross Forearm Tattoo

Throw in the most vibrant colors with this Celtic Cross forearm tattoo.

Cross Tattoo With Bible Verse

This simple black Cross tattoo with Bible Verse is a lovely way to honor your faith and beliefs.

Stunning Catholic Cross Tattoo Idea

This Catholic Cross tattoo idea with gorgeous detailing is the perfect thing to have on the back.

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