Clever and Funny Business Cards That Will Crack You Up

Handing out a business card to a prospective customer is the subtlest promotional approach. Unlike other marketing methods, people accept business cards without any inhibitions. Therefore, it is only essential to have a card that will create valuable first impressions. People have come up with all sorts of expensive and bizarre die cut designs just to get attention. However, a card does not have to go beyond the rectangular design just to be memorable.

Originality and a sense of humor usually gets a person noticed and remembered. So, whether you are designing for a client or printing one for yourself, don’t forget to give those business cards some personality! If you have no idea how to get started, then check out our collection of 21 clever and funny business cards. These cards are sure to crack you up and will leave a mark on people you give them to!

Nathan Sokoloff



Steve Sandstrom

Sarah Ferrari

I am the Future

Behind the Bars Smiley

Phil Gyford

Work Labs



Post Typography

Anthony Lazaro


Jonathan Gabrus

Jose Antonio Contreras

John Kneapler

Preston Porter

Trudy Cole-Zielanski

Alex Goh


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