City and Urban Illustrations – Various Interpretations of the Urban Jungle

Cities are often referred to as the urban jungle, due to the densely packed environment, streets, buildings and people.  Life in cities tends to be more fast paced and unpredictable than life in the country, so it appeals to certain demographics who enjoy this lifestyle, particularly young adults.

Artists often use cities in their artwork, by either interpreting a view of a city and casting it as their own, or by using the city as a metaphor for something else.  Many films are shot in cities, either historical, futuristic, modern day or dystopian, because of the thick narrative that can be woven using the city’s various sectors and characters.  Particularly in science fiction, cities are an essential staple, featured prominently in films such as Soylent Green, Blade Runner, Dark City and the Matrix.

Here are some various interpretations presented in city and urban illustrations.

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