What you can do During “Downtime” to Improve Productivity

Extremes are a part of freelancer’s life. The work-from-home professionals can relate a lot with the “feast or famine” adage as they go through periods when there is plenty of work as well as absence of it. Well, everyone likes the former phase; no matter even if they can’t handle the whole thing. The latter is dreaded by many but if one is working as a freelancer one has to learn to live with this unpleasant reality. Acceptance makes management of unpleasant things a lot easier and we can transform them into productive periods if we try. Sounds a little amusing, isn’t it? It won’t when you get to know what you can do during downtime to improve productivity. In order to overcome stress and pressure, it is necessary to know what you can do during downtime to improve productivity. It is but the fact is this can be done and there are various ways through which you can turn the tide in your favor. So, what you can do during this dry phase to improve productivity? Here is the list of do’s that will save you through the difficult time.

Indulge in Your Hobbies and Interests

Indulge In Your Hobbies And Interests

When work dries up completely or you have got very few projects in your hand, you are bound to feel low. However, if you keep brooding, you will end up feeling depressed. The antidote to this dull period is to see it from a positive prism. Just think that this is a divine opportunity and a signal from God that you need to enjoy your life. As a freelancer, it is very rare to find time for one’s hobbies and interests. Now that you have got the time, don’t waste it. Go ahead and utilize it to the hilt. The downturn is just a matter of time and market condition which is bound to change. Why waste it like that? You will definitely feel better and positive if you utilize this negative time in an enjoyable manner.

Catch up with Friends and Family

Catch Up With Friends And Family

Freelancing tends to make one’s schedule disoriented and thus, many freelancers are guilty of missing the parties and gatherings of their near and dear ones. When you are going through the downtime, make up for this loss and get rid of your guilt pangs. Not only will you feel good but your near and dear ones will also appreciate your lovely gesture.

Build up your Network

Build Up Your Network

Free time is a rare commodity for freelancers and therefore, if you get it, for whatsoever reason, consider yourself lucky. The downtime doesn’t come often and therefore, before your hands are full and you start complaining about lack of time, go and meet fellow freelancers and friends. Networking is very important for freelancers and comes as a great aid in career growth and development. This slow period offers you ample time to form liaisons in the virtual and real world. Capitalize on it.

Start a Personal Project and get Going

Start A Personal Project And Get Going

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop and therefore, if you are a hardcore workaholic freelancer (most belong to this category), you will find the downtime to be a hellish torture. Since you are not the kind who has interests and a social life worth paying attention to, you are advised to start a personal project. If you are a writer, start a personal blog or just write about anything that you feel is worthy of your thoughts and time. This will keep tension at bay and also enhance the value of your portfolio.

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