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20 Epic Business Card Design Ideas and Tips


Establishing yourself as a blogger isn’t just about constantly putting up good and sticky content, getting comments from readers, and making money out of your posts. Aside from promoting online, it’s indispensably necessary to tap your existing and potential readers offline.

It’s true that it takes a lot of effort connecting to people outside the online community, but don’t you know that having your business cards printed will make everything easy? Making your own business cards is a clever way of presenting yourself as a blogger and having a professional and unique sense of identity. Business cards are also one of the offline marketing strategies that are likely to bring in traffic to your site! To make this possible, you have to remember that creating a business card is more than just providing your name and web address; it’s essential to come up with appealing designs for the cards to get hits!

I know. You’re a blogger and not a designer. But if you come to think of it, even if you’re non-design savvy, you can still make your own business card design. If it’s still not a good idea, you can always ask help from the pros, but even if you do, you still have to at least come up with an authentic design that would suit you as a blogger. Here, I gathered some pretty simple examples of business card design that could inspire you, along with some tips below each image to help you design your business cards.

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Match your blog’s theme. Keep things simple yet interesting by adding geometric shape details.

Opt for a slim business card design for a less formal tone. Use pink color palette for an instant feminine touch.

Put the text on the right side of the business card. Studies show that people’s eyes move in a Z direction when looking at promotional materials like posters and business cards.

Use white space. White space produces higher response rate because they are said to have the ability to make people stop in their tracks.

Create color contrast by using bright colors that standout in a black background.

Stick to black and white. Make your business card standout in a sea of flashy and colorful business cards. As seen in the image above, you can also use the font size and lay-out as a way to design your business card.

Let your personality come out in your business cards by using an unconventional image and a catchy tagline.

Use cartoon images to add more personality in your business cards.

Use die-cut business cards to create uniquely-shaped business cards.

Push your creativity to the limit. Think of the whole presentation of your business cards and add details like ribbons and threads for a more eye-catching packaging.

Use personal and real photos. Stimulate emotions by using real photos that people can relate to.

Research about pleasing color combinations and color palettes to achieve a visually-enticing business card.

Think outside the box. Quirky and unique business cards are easier to recognize and remember.

Include tagline. Taglines contribute for brand recall because these are one of the things that your potential customers can associate with you.

Don’t be scared to fill out the space with graphics for a more edgy-looking business card.

If you have a limited budget, you can opt to use one color all throughout your business card. Include images in order for it not to look dull.

Put spice in your business card by adding a pop of color in a black and white backdrop.

Go for bright colors like yellow and red. These are no-fail attention grabbers.

Achieve sophistication and elegance with a slant font type and darker color hues as background.

To achieve a more interesting look, use patterns like stripes and dots as background. Just make sure that it shouldn’t overshadow your text.

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