Brilliantly Simple Logo Designs

Simple logo designs are often the best way to go with logo design, as it has a much higher chance of being memorable, and simple logos tend to perform better in both large and small environments, as well as color and grayscale.  However, creating a simple logo isn’t, well, as simple as it sounds.  In fact, reducing an entire concept to a simple, core idea can be a challenging task for anyone.

Logo designers have mastered the art of simplification, so we decided to gather up a great inspirational collection of simple logo designs that use letters, numbers, shapes, negative space and other techniques to create a clever concept that is surprisingly simple.

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Enjoy the logo designs!

Horror Films

French Bakery




Happy Quote

Martini House


Big Shift



DJ Loop


Negative Reality

Peter Ryan


Guitar Shop


Cafe Melody

Egg n Spoon


Wine Kingdom


Poker Hills

The Color Cure

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