Breathtaking Urban Decay Photographs

Urban decay photography is the subject of documenting and capturing photographs of old structures, abandoned buildings and decaying ruins of large cities and urban environments.  The textures available to a photographer in urban environments are almost limitless, and the contrast of empty space to the gritty, decaying feel is quite breathtaking.

In this post, you’ll find some breathtaking urban decay photographs from some talented photographers around the globe.  From abandoned railways to crumbling buildings, ancient churches and overgrown doctor’s offices, this collection will leave you amazed.

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To the Train by Limbonic

Raincatcher by Mandy Schoch

The Final Curtain by Sven Fennema

Untitled by Nikola Banicevic

Sant Pere de Rodes No HDR by Jose Mieza

Stairway to Heaven by Alfredo Giliotti

See What’s Become of Me by Sol Lang

The Old Winery by Sven Fennema

Banksy Old Street by Stew Dean

The Doctor Will See You Now by CmdrCord

Radio by Jody Miller

Pink Window by Jose Silva

Old Forgotten Piano by Derek Pinkston

Sitting by the Fire by Cormac Scanlan

Exit by Patricia Sweeney

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