165 Cool Bible Verse Tattoos (2018 Edition)

Bible Verse Tattoos are of universal appeal as they cater to the power pact expression of love, honesty, peace, and faith in God. It’s very difficult to list out the best Bible verses because every one of them is awesome and adds loads of value to every individual’s life. Be it the long verses or the short liners, tattoo lovers crave to showcase the Bible or scripture verse form of a tattoo.

These famous bible verses with striking messages look great when inked and are any day a captivating piece of art to put on.

Table of Contents

Common Bible Verses

Popular Bible Verse Tattoo On Back
Philippians 4:13, is one of the most popular Bible tattoos with people, speaking about the beauty of love for the lord.
Cute Bible Verse Tattoo
Cute and appealing, this Bible verse tattoo on arm is perfect for girls!
This intricately is amazingly inked on the chest has the verse Galatians 2:20 of the bible.
Eye-Catchy Bible Verse Tattoo
This Bible Verse Tattoo looks very eye-catchy and adds charm to the shoulder.
Elegant Bible Tattoo Verse
This Bible tattoo verse is elegantly done and uses the black ink very aptly. The verse is Corinthians 3:17.
Let the message of the verse John 7:24 be glorified through this creative bible tattoo on your fingers.
This beautiful arm tattoo has a small prayer from the bible. The font used here brings out the best in the tattoo.
This Christian tattoo is an innovative one and has a cross reminding of Jesus. It has the verse, Galatians 6:17.
Good Bible Verse Quote Tattoo
Covering the whole bicep, this bible verse quote tattoo looks pretty awesome.
Amazing Bible Tattoo
This bible tattoo placed on the wrist looks amazing and shows faith through the bible verse and the holy cross.
The Cross Tattoo
This metallic Cross tattoo looks great with the verse Philippians 4:13 on it.
Attractive Cross With Word Tattoo
This Cross with word tattoo on the rib looks immensely attractive and very unique.
Terrific Christian Quote Tattoo
Looking totally terrific, this Christian quote tattoo in 3D technique inks the verse, Daniel 12:3 on the chest.
Bible Quote Tattoo
This amazing bible quote tattoo on arm is a symbol of hope and possibilities. It reads the beautiful verse, Matthew 7:7, from the bible.
Religious Saying Tattoo
This religious saying tattoo is a beautiful one and shows nice work of creativity with a bible verse written on the scroll.
Elegant Bible Tattoo For Girl
Get inked with this elegant bible tattoo on the shoulder, a perfect pick for girls.
Incredible Christian Tattoo
This incredible Christian tattoo on the arm has a goth feel to it, with an angel, a cross and a bible verse all fused together.
God Quote Tattoo
This simple God Quote tattoo has a bible verse in an elegant font. It tells us that God has plans for everyone.
Awesome Biblical Tattoo Ideas
This hauntingly beautiful biblical tattoo idea on the thigh looks just awesome. It reads the verse John 8:32 which asks us to always speak the truth.
Adorable Bible Verse Tattoo
Combined with some gorgeously colored flowers, this Bible verse tattoo looks very adorable.
Tattooed Bible Verse
This tattooed bible verse, done in a unique style, only in the black ink is a great one to take inspiration from.
Jesus Name Tattoo
Express your prayers and love for the lord with this Jesus name tattoo on your back.
Forgive My Sins Tattoo
Seek redemption through this amazing tattoo on your chest.
Ankle Bible Verse Tattoo
This minimalistic bible verse tattoo beside your ankle is perfect if you want to keep your design simple but meaningful.
Trust In God Tattoo
This stunning tattoo adorned on the side is letting the verse speak for itself. It says that we need to trust in God completely.
Delicate Bible Tattoo Verse
This bible tattoo verse on the wrist looks very delicate and beautiful. The verse says that we should enjoy our trials.
Stunning Biblical Verse Tattoo
This biblical verse tattoo looks stunning and looks super eye-catchy. The verse here tells us to be fearless and courageous.
Gorgeous Verse Tattoo
This gorgeous verse tattoo on the back of the shoulder gives out a great message. A butterfly and cancer ribbon accompanies the verse.
Creative Bible Verse Tattoo On Back
Cool and creative, this bible verse tattoo on the back looks totally kickass!
Spectacular Biblical Symbol Tattoo
Bible verses are a great idea for a tattoo, like this spectacular Cross and Biblical symbols tattoo idea.
Charming Bible Verse Tattoo On Foot
This charming Bible verse tattoo on foot looks simple yet arresting and has a feather with the verse, Jeremiah 29:11.
I Shall Fear No Evil Tattoo
Done to absolute perfection, this chest tattoo of the famous Bible verse “I shall fear no evil” looks admirable!
Incredible Bible Verse Tattoo For Men
Covering the torso, this incredibly designed Bible verse tattoo is so made for men!
Amazing Tattoo For Christian
This elaborate design covering a huge portion of the chest of a Bible Verse is definitely one amazing tattoo for Christians.
Popular Bible Tattoo
This popular bible tattoo on the back is a great way to go. The message in the verse preaches the power of love.
Fantastic Bible Verse Tattoo
This fantastic bible verse tattoo on the shoulder looks rugged. The verse tells us to be fearless as God is always by our side.
Bible Verse Tattoo On Arm
This simply inked Bible Verse tattoo looks delightful and it stresses the importance of hope.
Side Bible Verse Tattoo
This very elaborate side bible verse tattoo makes for a very attractive design. The verse teaches the value of righteousness.
Inspirational Bible Quote Tattoo
This inspirational Bible quote tattoo on the arm is a great way to show your dedication and love to the lord.
Amazing Biblical Tattoo For Men
This amazing biblical tattoo for men speaks of the undoubted faith of the bearer in God.
Wonderful Bible Verse Tattoo
By using a unique kind of font, this bible verse tattoo looks wonderful and very striking.
Chic Bible Tattoo for Girl
This super chic Bible tattoo for girls has the verse Jeremiah 29:11 along with a beautiful feather and birds.
Awesome Bible Verse Tattoo Image
This awesome Bible verse tattoo image with a cancer ribbon is an ode to the cancer patients and survivors.
Pretty Spiritual Quote Tattoo
Go for this exceptionally pretty spiritual quote tattoo with the bible verse Jeremiah 29:11 decorated with beautiful flowers.
Graceful Bible Verse Tattoo On Foot
A Bible verse tattoo on foot like this looks extremely graceful and elegant.
Bible Verse Tattoo On Shoulder
This beautiful Bible verse tattoo on the shoulder preaches us to trust in God and walk on his path.
Women Bible Quote Tattoo
This gorgeously delicate shoulder tattoo has the verse John 14:27 and is a fine option for women who want to go for a Bible quote tattoo.
Awesome Bible Tattoo Verse
With a clean and bold font, this Bible tattoo verse looks super appealing to eyes.
Terrific Bible Verse Tattoo For Men
This terrific Bible verse tattoo for men has incredibly used the 3D technique of inking. The verse here sings the praises of the lord.
Bible Verse Side Tattoo
Explaining the relation between peace and righteousness, this Bible verse side tattoo with a flower look gorgeous.
Striking Bible Verse Tattoo On Chest
This Bible Verse tattoo on the chest looks sophisticated and striking.
Dashing Bible Verse Tattoo
This bible verse tattoo is done in a beautiful font looks dashing as a side tattoo.
Funky Bible Verse Tattoo
This Bible verse tattoo in Spanish on shoulder combined with sugar skull looks funky and stylish.
Christian Tattoo Design
This verse from the bible is perfect for a Christian tattoo design for girls.
Catchy Bible Verse Tattoo For Girl
Let your love stand out with this sweet and catchy Bible Verse tattoo for girls.
Cool Bible Scripture Tattoo Sleeve
A modern version of the bible scripture tattoo like this is definitely one cool design to have!
Bible Saying For Tattoo
A Bible saying for a tattoo like this looks absolutely beautiful and striking as a half sleeve design.
Greek Biblical Verse Tattoo
An elegant and very striking Biblical verse tattoo in Greek to ink your skin.
Famous Bible Verse Tattoo Idea
A sort after and one of the famous Bible Verse tattoo ideas, Philippians 4:13 is beautifully written in this tattoo.
Mind-blowing Cross with Bible Verse Tattoo
This grand Cross with Bible Verse tattoo not only looks mind-blowing but also speaks volumes about your faith in God.
Awesome Bible Tattoo
This stylishly written Bible tattoo verse speaks of the strength and power of God.
Superb Bible Verse Tattoo
A bold note to the world, this Bible verse tattoo is superb and very popular.
Awesome Tattoo for Christians
Done in freestyle, this Bible verse talking about strength and faith an awesome tattoo for Christians.
Lovely Memorial Quote Tattoo
A sweet and lovely memorial quote for a tattoo from the Bible is the perfect way to remember a parted soul.
Fabulous Bible Verse Quote Tattoo Design
A message of The Lord could enhance your persona with this fabulous Bible verse quote tattoo inked.
Stylish Bible Verse Tattoo
A striking design to go along the bible verse is a smart and stylish way to sport a tattoo.
Latin Bible Verse Tattoo
A catchy bible verse tattoo in Latin would look just awesome on you!
Unique Bible Verse Tattoo
Express your eternal you and your partner have with this unique Bible Verse tattoo on back.
Beautiful Bible Tattoo
Show your faith in God and in his decisions with this immensely beautiful Bible tattoo done on sides.
Bible Verse Tattoo Design
Looking incredibly beautiful, this Bible verse tattoo design is perfect for girls and tells us to be grounded and love Jesus.
Amazing Bible Verse Tattoo For Guys
This Bible Verse tattoo of John 15:13 speaks of how there is no greater sacrifice than for one’s friends and is one amazing choice for guys.
Gorgeous Bible Verse Finger Tattoos
These delicate and gorgeous Bible Verse finger tattoos are great to take some inspiration from with many verses inked together.
Popular Bible Verse Tattoo For Girl
Done in a beautiful font, this Proverb 31:25 is one popular Bible Verse tattoo for girls.
Minimalistic Bible Verse Tattoo
This Bible Verse tattoo on the shoulder is simple and minimalistic yet looks incredibly beautiful!
Attractive Bible Verse Tattoo Design
These Bible Verse tattoos the wrist are not only attractive to look at, but also carry the message of love and hope with them.
Amazing Cross Tattoo
This cross tattoo has been marvelously done, the shadings are very thoughtful along with a verse from the bible.
Fantastic Bible Verse Chest Tattoo
This Bible Verse Chest tattoo is beautifully done and uses different symbols perfectly to create this fantastic design.
Graceful Bible Verse Tattoo
This bible verse tattoo looks immensely graceful and is a perfect pick for women.
Cool Tattoo Bible
This cool Bible tattoo design beautifully blends an anchor and a bible verse.
Awesome Biblical Symbols Tattoo
This biblical symbols tattoo gives an awesome and fantastic look to the bicep. The tattoo has three beautiful flowers and a bible verse.
Shoulder Bible Verse Tattoo
This shoulder bible verse tattoo is very simple yet incredibly beautiful. The tattoo is of the verse, Philippians 4:13.
Outstanding Bible Verse Tattoo
This outstanding Bible Verse tattoo on the foot looks delightful, with a beautiful rose to add to its beauty.
Terrific Bible Verse Tattoo
This bible verse tattoo on the chest looks terrific and a great inspiration for guys.
Adorable Hebrew Saying Tattoo
This Hebrew saying tattoo asks you to be compassionate and hospitable to strangers and all the multiple elements make it look super adorable.
Bible Verse Quote Tattoo Arm
A good Bible Verse quote tattoo like this can add so much more to your character.
Wrist Feminine Religious Tattoo
This feminine religious tattoo looks incredibly sweet. It has the bible verse Jeremiah 29:11 along with a soaring bird.
Lovely Bible Verse Tattoo For Men
If you’re looking for a lovely Bible Verse tattoo for men, then this design inks the John 11:25 verse which speaks of faith in God.
Badass Bible Verse Tattoo
Covering the whole back majestically, this Bible Verse tattoo is one badass design!
Awesome Bible Scripture For Men
This back tattoo design is an awesome Bible scripture for men. The artist has employed a beautiful font to enhance the beauty of the verse.
Stunning Bible Verse Foot Tattoo
This stunning Bible Verse foot tattoo is a brilliant example to how basic designs are sometimes most powerful!
Impressive Biblical Verse Tattoo
This Biblical Verse Tattoo is an impressive idea on how to ink a beautiful verse in style!
Tattooed Christian Girl
This tattooed Christian girl has got her wrist inked in a simple yet powerful Bible Verse, John 13:7.
Beautiful Faith Tattoo
Have faith in yourself and God and this beautiful tattoo on wrist tells exactly that.
1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Tattoo
Propagate love and peace with this attractive 1 corinthians 13:4-8 tattoo on waist.
Gorgeous Tattoo From The Bible
This gorgeous tattoo from the Bible is wonderfully designed on the lower back.
Pretty Bible Verse Tattoo on Foot
This Bible Verse Tattoo on foot with the proverb 31.25 and a decorative cross, looks super pretty.
Cool Biblical Tattoo
If you thought that religious tattoos did not look cool, then think again! This beautiful verse on arm is one cool Biblical tattoo to get!
Evil Vs Good Tattoo
This tattoo is the best depiction of the fight of evil vs good that persists on earth as well as within us.
Elegant Christian Themed Tattoo
Show your devotion and sophistication towards Christ with this elegant Christian-themed tattoo on your arm.
His And Her Bible Verse Tattoo
This matching His and Her Bible Verse tattoo is paired with the infinity symbol and it denotes the infinite trust you both have in God.
Stunning Bible Verse Tattoo On Foot
This delicate Bible Verse Tattoo on foot looks stunning along with a few pugmarks and footprints.
Gorgeous Bible Verse Tattoo
This gorgeous Bible Verse tattoo is symbolic of God’s love to humans and vice versa. The verse John 3:16 is written in the shape of word “love”.
Simple Bible Verse Tattoo
Getting a simple Bible verse tattoo is kind of a reaffirmation of your beliefs in your religion and this arm design is a fine example of this.
Small Bible Verse Tattoo
The back of the ear is a great place for a small Bible Verse tattoo like this of John 14:27, which looks really catchy!
Captivating Christian Quote Tattoo
This captivating Christian quote tattoo has a has a wonderful appeal to it. It has a verse from the Bible accompanied by a feather.
3D Cross With Word Tattoo
This rugged 3D Cross with words tattoo is perfect for a sleeve design.
Women Bible Verse Tattoo
A simply done strong bible verse tattoo, in the praise of Lord is a perfect pick for women.
Gorgeous Bible Verse Tattoo On Back
This gorgeous Bible verse tattoo beautifully gracing the back is a great piece of the tattoo art. The verse and birds go together perfectly.
Tattoo Bible Quote For Men
This simple tattoo of bible quotes for men is beautiful enough to leave an imprint on the beholder. In a bold font, it reads “this is love”.
Delightful Bible Verse Tattoo Picture
With the help of some beautiful flowers, this bible verse tattoo picture looks delightful.
Impressive Bible Verse Tattoo On Arm
The Bible verse tattoo (of John 3:16) here is very impressively designed, which emphasizes on believing.
Awesome Tattoo Bible
Looking perfect on the chest, this awesome tattoo bible speaks of impermanence.
Corinthians Tattoo
Religion and holy books act as an anchor for people and keep them grounded, so this 1 Corinthians 13 4-8 tattoo conveys a beautiful thought.
Women Biblical Verse Tattoo
Inked in the most stylish way, this biblical verse (Proverbs 31:30.) is just perfect for women.
This elaborate side tattoo has a bible verse in a bold font. The verse says that Christ strengthens us for everything.
Walk By Faith And Not By Sight Tattoo
This fantastic arm tattoo has a bible verse which tells us that it is the faith which takes us far. The tattoo beautifully uses a hint of red.

Bible Verse Tattoos for Guys

Beautiful Bible Scripture For Men
This bible scripture on sides is so perfectly done that it looks like a It reads the verse, Proverbs 3:5-6.
Chest Religious Saying Tattoo
A religious sayings tattoo inked interestingly across the chest area looks charming and sophisticated.
Amazing Tattoo Of Jesus
This tattoo of Jesus on the chest is, in all honesty, is amazing. It has the portraits of Jesus and mother Mary and a bible verse.
Awesome Bible Verse Tattoo For Men
This awesome bible verse tattoo for men, placed on the right side of the chest looks even more striking as it paired with a Cross.
Lovely Faith Words Tattoo
This faith words tattoo inks Luke 1:37, which means, “For no word from God will ever fail”.
Mind-blowing Bible Verse Tattoo
This mind-blowing shoulder piece of bible verse tattoo along with Jesus’s portrait is perfect for every devout Christian.

Best Bible Verse Tattoo For Girls

Stylish Bible Verse Tattoo For Girls
This dainty Bible Verse tattoo is meaningful and stylish option for girls. It reads “for whoever finds me finds life”.
Suave Cross and Verse Tattoo
This Cross and verse tattoo is suave, innovative, and great to look at.
Stunning Tattoo Of Bible Verse
This tattoo of Bible verse on the shoulder looks stunning and what adds to the beauty is the fact that it speaks of God’s might.
Wonderful God Tattoo Quote
This wonderful God tattoo quote has a beautiful outline of a flying bird, which indicates freedom and has a bible verse written inside.
Popular Bible Verse For Tattoo
One of the most popular Bible Verses for tattoos, Proverb 31:25 is inked in a very charming way here.
Beautiful Bible Tattoo Verse For Women
This beautiful Bible Tattoo Verse is done in an artistic style, looking perfect for women.
Beautiful Bible Verse Tattoo
This striking and beautiful Bible Verse tattoo on the back is singing the praises of the lord. The intricate font is perfect for the tattoo.
Gorgeous Tattoo That Represent Faith
This side tattoo is a bang-on, perfect pick for people looking for tattoos that represent faith.
Feminine Religious Tattoo
A Subtle Cross at the back of the neck will go perfectly for a feminine religious tattoo.
Classy Bible Verse Tattoo
The choice of a delicate font and watercolor technique, this Bible Verse tattoo on the shoulder looks really classy.
Faith Tattoo For Girl
What could look more delicate and pretty than this verse tattoo on ribs! Perfect for faith tattoos for girls.
Striking Bible Verse Tattoo On Side
A Bible Verse Tattoo on Side paired along with a Cross will look striking and pretty!

Best Psalm Tattoos

Short Bible Quote Tattoo On Shoulder
This short Bible quote tattoo is elegant and is a great way to show your faith in the lord. The holy cross graces the tattoo even more.
Colorful Biblical Tattoo
This vibrant and colorful biblical tattoo is a great idea for inking. With a Cross and a verse inside it, this design looks amazing on the shoulder!
Appealing Bible Verse Tattoo
Define yourself in the words of Bible with this Psalm 139:14 Bible verse Tattoo which looks really appealing here.
Religious Tattoo For Guy
Show your spiritual side with this fantastic religious tattoo for guys, having a dove, a Cross, and a Bible Verse.
Sweet Bible Verse Tattoo for Girl
This sweet, minimalistic Bible Verse tattoo resting on the wrist gives a charming look to the hand. It has the verse Psalm 46:5 and is the perfect pick for girls!
Holy tattoo for Guys
This holy tattoo for guys of Psalms:91 inked in a bold black ink is simple yet captivating.
Amazing Bibal Verse Tattoo
This amazing Bible Verse tattoo on the left side of the chest shows how dear is the verse for an individual. The verse here is Psalm 140:4.
Gorgeous Tattooed Bible Verse
Take a cue from this tattooed Bible Verse, Psalm 37:4, a gorgeous example of how the bible verse tattoos should be done.
Amazing Psalm 23:4 Tattoo
Express your gratitude towards Jesus with Psalm 23:4 tattoo verse inked on your shoulder.
Watercolor Bible Verse Tattoo
This simple and sweet Bible Verse Tattoo of Psalm 56:3 says “when I am afraid, I put my trust in you”.
Beautiful Psalms 23 Tattoo
This beautiful and famous, Psalms 23:4 tattoo is written in an even more on the back rib.
Faith Tattoo On Foot
This tattoo on foot is a great way to show your faith and love to the almighty. It says to rejoice the God’s grace.
Short Bible Quote Tattoo
This simple and short bible quote tattoo of Psalm 46:5 is one pretty way to have such tattoos.
Psalm 23:4 Tattoo
This gorgeous Psalm 23:4 tattoo is one of the famous verses from the Bible and is quite popular with both girls and guys.
Tattoo From The Bible
This gorgeous tattoo on the shoulder reads the beautiful verse, Psalm 119:105. It says that God is our light.
Best Bible Verses Tattoo For Girl
This beautiful bible verse tattoo on the wrist quotes Psalm 1 12:7 from the holy bible and is the best option for girls.
Good Bible Quote For Tattoo
For anyone looking out for some good bible quotes for tattoos, the verse, Psalm 119:105 is a great choice to go with!
Simplistic Bible Verse Tattoo
Taking about trust in God, this Bible Verse tattoo is simplistic and very beautifully written.
I Shall Fear No Evil Bible Verse Tattoo
Psalm 23:4 is one of the most famous verses from the Bible, and it is inked beautifully in this arm tattoo.
God Love Tattoo
Psalm 36:7 speaks about the unconditional and unfailing love of God and is perfect for a God love tattoo idea.

Where to Place Bible Verse Tattoos?

You can place the tattoo on your arm

Cool Bible Scripture Tattoo
This amazingly done Bible scripture tattoo on the arm inks the Philippians 4:13 verse on a 3D scroll, looking so very cool for a tattoo.
Spiritual Quote Tattoo
This spiritual quote tattoo looks extremely appealing. The worn out paper, the verse on it, and the rose, everything is coming together to make this masterpiece.

You can place the tattoo on your shoulder

Most Popular Bible Verse Tattoo Design
Be it with guys or girls, Philippians 4:13 is one of the most popular Bible verse tattoo designs.
Incredible Jesus Tattoo Design For Men
This elaborately designed Jesus tattoo design for men looks just out of the world!

Or your Wrist

Amazing Tattoo Word
This amazing black ink tattoo word attracts a lot of admiration owing to the meaning it conveys: Freedom and faith.

Or your chest

Hope And Faith Tattoo Design
This hope and faith tattoo design on chest with praying hands, rosary, and cross not only look stunning but also an encouraging way to articulate your Christian faith.

Or on the rib cage

Pleasing Bible Verse Tattoo Design
This Bible verse tattoo design is absolutely gorgeous and pleasing; a beautifully elaborate floral design and a verse speaking of the power of love.
Innovative Bible Tattoo Verse
This very innovative Bible tattoo verse gracing the side combines science with religion.

Or you can place it on your back

South Side Tattoo
Having a side tattoo which is so appealing at the same time being as mysterious as a gang is a great way to show your love towards your body and the art.
This full back-covering Jesus tattoo looks magnificent and will let everyone know how devout a Christian you are!
Creative Biblical Tattoo for Girl
Creative and feminine, this colorful biblical tattoo is perfect for girls with a verse, flowers and a Cross.

Is it a Sin to Get Tattoos in the Bible?

Some people think it is not a sin but most hardcore Christians believe that you aren’t allowed to “tamper with your body”. The most popular verse they reference is Leviticus 19:28 which says:

You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks on you: I am the Lord. – Leviticus 19:28

But, that shouldn’t matter to you if you are defiant like this person who got the tattoo of the text saying not to get a tattoo.


Tattoo Caring Tips

Avoiding infection should be the number one priority after you get a bible verse tattoo or any type of tattoo for that matter.

  1. Don’t leave the tattoo unprotected. Always put a thin layer of petroleum jelly on top of it.
  2. Put a bandage over it.
  3. Remove the bandage after 24 hours.
  4. Apply a thin layer of anti-bacterial ointment on top of the tattooed surface.
  5. Wash the tattooed surface frequently with soap and water and always dry it using a tissue paper.
  6. Make sure to keep the tattoo moist for first few days using petroleum jelly or another type of ointment


165 Cool Bible Verse Tattoos (2018 Edition)