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25 Holy Bible Scripture Tattoos


Some people like to get tattooed themselves with Psalms and verses. If you specifically like certain lines, then you could get them inked. You have to decide for yourself. Some of the lines listed below instill faith in the Almighty. A few of them will boost your morale in times of distress. Some of them spread peace and love. Some people go for long versus. The choice is left to you.

Posters with meaningful lines have adorned the walls. Bodies with meaningful lines are the new fad. Try some lines that you relate to or the list of Bible Scripture Tattoos is anyways here to make a choice.

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Motivating Words Tattoo

The words from the Bible are ideal in times when you are stuck and everything you do is going down the drain.

Tattoo On Thighs

Chest Tattoo

These words on the chest are definitely not for the faint hearted.

Chest Tattoo

Holy Book on the Ribs

Scripture on the ribs for people with intense faith.

Bible On Ribs

Nothing is Impossible

After reading these lines even the atheists will have to believe in the miracles of God.

Jeremiah 32:27

Bible Script on the Belly

This is strictly for people who for people who are serious about a tattoo on their bellies.

Bible Script On Belly Tattoo

Shining Shoulder

A beautiful tattoo when the shoulder is on display.

Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Greek Biblical Verse

This impressive work and the beautiful font is an eye grabber.

Greek Biblical Scripture

Colorful Psalm

The stunning colours and the script ll attract stares from people around.

God Bless Psalm

Greek Verses

The beautiful letters will not go unnoticed for sure.

Bible in Greek

Star Script

An astonishing piece of script in the star.

Religion Star Tattoo

Hip Tattoo

After reading this line, brains will definitely start thinking!

Hip Tattoo

Holy Verse

Talks about settling the scores.

Bible Scripture

A Tattoo for Nurse

This is for somebody who knows what the want.

Bible Scripture For a Nurse

Isaiah Irish

An influential verse to be read.

Isaiah 6:8 in Irish

Faith Tattoo

Just the right words for the materialistic world.

Back Tattoo

Bible on the Sleeve

Instead of sleeves, the words will adorn you.

Bible Scripture Sleeve

Love and Swallow

The birds and the words will say it all about love and hope.

Bible Script With Swallow

Memorial Tattoo

A meaningful tattoo for the memories.

Memorial Tattoo

Yes I Can

The words will strengthen anybody who has faith in the almighty.

I Can Do All Things Through Christ

Verse on the Right Forearm

If this is your favorite verse, then go for it.

Bible Scripture On My Right Forearm

Matthew 7:15 Tattoo

Meaningful words for today’s world.

Matthew 7:15 Tattoo

Bible and The Beautiful Flower

A pretty flower next to the words is a beautiful piece of work.

Bible Scripture And Flower

Bible Rib Tattoo

Though this looks like too much to read, its worth the effort.

Bible Rib Tattoo

Sugar Skull

People who see this will be awestruck. Its an excellent piece of work.

Bible Script With Sugar Skull

Latin Text Tattoo

The fine looking text is for the holy ones.

Latin Text Bible Tattoo

Tattoo for the Upper Back

Another verse from the holy book.

Upper Back Bible Scripture Tattoo

Latin Shoulder Tattoo

Even if people can’t understand, they will surely spend time to admire the font.

Latin Shoulder Tattoo

Arm Scripture

This is a neat one on the arm.

Arm Scripture

Fil 4:13

Beautiful piece of art.

Fil 4:13

Revelations Tattoo

Simple words with immense meaning.

Revelations Bible Scripture