Best Coming Soon Pages: Psychologically-Driven Signups

Like an itch, seeing something intriguing creates a need for answers: coming soon pages push a user to react; whether it’s by signing-up, bookmarking, sharing, or doing all of the above.

Because these coming soon pages are a mere suggestion as to what’s hidden behind the sleek book jacket, people either instantly latch onto the idea, or move on.

Not disclosing the secrets of what lies beneath the gorgeous exterior is a mystery-ploy that works psychologically in marketing.

Which coming soon pages can you recall from memory?

Here are a few of the best coming soon pages, which if you haven’t seen, you’ll surely add to that collection of ‘bests.’

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How much time did you spend looking for one of your designs? Anyone who enjoys sharing on social sites will likely recognize a design or two, and find themselves scanning the background row-by-row for other familiars; like a person searching for a friend in a crowd.’s ploy to get more signups is clever: after signing up, you’re invited to send friends a link to sign up as your friend, which advances your welcome date to the site so you can be the first to experience it.

2. Rockstar This

Rockstar This

JibJab lovers and ZombieMe fans are united in the anticipation of this app, which is leading users on with intentional ambiguity and baited breath. One can only wonder if the intention is more serious or comical, interactive or self-facing. Something is sure, though: countless hours will be spent messing with old photographs, making a good-humored mockery of friends, and exploring tools.

3. Dabble In

Dabble In

Even if you don’t want to admit what you dabble in, this site is worth a visit. By rolling over the colored squares you change them to a gray color, which then gradually scales back to its original color. The effect is beautiful, and entertaining enough to warrant a click.

Ben Matthew Reyes, the London-based developer, is actively involved in Dabble’s brand management on Twitter. Though the site’s purpose is not well-defined, it’s meant to be a site to share your current preoccupations and hobbies.

4. Ben the Bodyguard

Ben the Bodyguard

Sleek, sexy, and as refined as the critical Frenchman displayed on the “coming soon” page, Ben the Bodyguard has received a lot of buzz. Although this image is neat, the cool aspect is that a user can scroll down the page to watch Ben walk along scary, dark streets, while providing dialogue about security.

Although the site is fantastic, and it’s been shared to me multiple times, I can never remember the brand or address of the site. Why spend so much time and money on a fantastic splash when no one knows who did it?

5. Talk Bee

Talk Bee

Transparent but still intriguing, Talk Bee offers users the opportunity to schedule time with fantastic authorities via Skype. Although the current list of people to chat with is good, a user immediately wonders if the future holds possibilities to chat with Assange, Gates, or other fabled news-makers.

Because the site offers both an immediate gratification for users and a long term potential, people sign up hoping to see if they are right about the upward expansion of listed chatters.

6. After Life Notes

After Life Notes

The idea is one that will make visitors pause, and consider the post-life ramifications of writing notes to loved (or hated) ones. Although the lid is kept tightly on what might become of the site when ‘doors open,’ one has to assume it will serve additional purposes.

The site has the Proustian effect of making one recall long-gone friends and family, whom we’d like to reconnect with, at least for the duration of a note.

7. Dialed Tone

Dialed Tone

A community to share your gear settings with other guitarists and musically-inclined audiophiles, Dialed Tone will also be a community where people can recommend and up-vote various brands and types of tuning gear for other users.

Said to mimic the M13’s in-person quality, the site is being buzzed about by music geeks, now.

8. Earth Hour

Earth Hour

Don’t you want to pull that string and see what happens? Sadly, you can’t. The page is already gone; left with this sad reminder that you are too late:

Earth Hour

However, the official site is almost as interesting as their “coming soon” promise: hopefully they intended for the reveal to be anticlimactic.

9. Filtered Language

Filtered Language

An inner poet dies every time this page is read. The potential to be published as a poet is intoxicating, which this site fully accepts and manipulates.

The only question one really needs to ask himself before submitting is what exactly they mean by “filtered;” does it mean censored? Surely the marketers working on this brand intended their implicit message, but there is a chance that ‘filtered’ could imply some sort of mash-up or hybrid generator.

10. Fab


Well-designed and moderately intriguing, Fab offers something people want: an invitation. Unlike other “coming soon” pages, this one is more like a debutante debut; that is, you aren’t invited because you signup – you’re signing up to see if you qualifyto be invited (much like the debutantes showcase themselves for potential dates without promising to date the audience).

Still: 70% off? You probably want to sign up anyway; pretentious snobbery or not.

11. Youzee


What you’re seeing above is the end page for the rolling Youzee page. It takes you on a path, much like Ben the Bodyguard. The design is sleek, contemporary, and inviting.

By showing the audience how many times their signup page has been shared, Youzee creates a herd effect for users, which drives them to follow suit. Not a bad play, if you don’t mind being followed by those who aren’t really following what you are tweeting.


Regardless of the product or brand being broadcast, a “coming soon” teaser page is a great way to generate buzz, and build a pre-launch gathering. While many pages are designed beautifully, there are countless others that fail to gain recognition, because they inspire no intrigue for viewers. After all, how fantastic would a page need to be for you to tweet nothing; which is essentially what a mystery teaser reveals for its pre-launch fans.

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