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The Benefits of Mobile Blogging for Designers and Artists


Current technology today, from smartphones to tablets, encourages instant gratification; people want to be able to access their email, blogs, and videos all in one device. From a business point of view, these devices are a goldmine. If people can access their personal messages and browse the Internet, why not offer them a blog that displays your artistic endeavors and create a business niche from there? In fact, bloggers from around the world are utilizing media, such as photos, podcasts, and video, to highlight their talents. However, designers and artists cannot sit in front of a stationary computer all day long; many artistic pursuits and inspirations occur outside. Enter mobile blogging.

Mobile blogging allows artists to share the world around them from their point of view by using a cell phone or tablet device. As a result, they can sell more of their art or services, such as a writing talent. Consumers looking for a distinct artist do not want to view a boring blog page, complete with profile mug shot and short biography. To bring in more business as an artist, the blog must be full of different media types to complement the particular genre.

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A good example of mobile blogging benefits is through a photographer’s eyes. A talented photographer may be walking near the ocean or within a botanical garden. He or she may come upon a beautiful subject, such as a blooming red rose. Being an avid photographer, he or she will normally have a quality cell phone with a equally good camera. Snapping pictures away, the photographer can choose the most inspirational photo and post it instantly to the blog through the cell phone. The photographer can even caption the photo or write a small story about the discovery of the natural treasure. The moment is literally captured through image and words so that anyone visiting the blog will be inspired by the obvious excitement of the photographer. As a result, that person may just receive a call or email for a paying photo shoot.

Freelance writing can also benefit from mobile blogging. For example, a writer may be inspired by a particular event that just occurred during the day, such as a damaging storm system. He or she may want to write a fictional short story that uses that storm as a key element. The short story can be easily typed onto a cell phone or tablet and instantly uploaded to his or her blog. Additionally, the writer can even enhance the story by adding a short video of themselves; the video can describe the inspiration for the story while the writer is still excited about the day. Capturing this pleasure on video, and uploading it to the blog through a mobile device, will solidify the quality of the short story when readers understand the muse behind the words.

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Not only can mobile blogging capture the excitement of the artist, it can also be used to edit photos taken on the road. Have you ever been driving along on a road trip and stumbled upon an unusual building, plant, or rock formation? Artists and designers with tablet devices can easily take a picture of the subject. However, rather than uploading the picture directly to the blog, he or she can use photo enhancing software to modify the shot. Color, light angles, and trimming techniques can be employed to alter the photo into a unique artistic expression. Uploading the shot to the blog, or even to current art clients, will help generate business for the designer.

Another way of using mobile blogging is to create a transitional piece. A good example would be the change in seasons; a photographer may take several shots of a tree or landscape at different times of the year. These images can be instantly uploaded to the blog through the cell phone or tablet. The photographer should repeatedly visit the same region to post more shots so that viewers can see the progressive change in seasons. This strategy would also work well with a painter; progressive photos of a work in progress will create excitement in potential customers to see the final product.

In the end, mobile blogging is a strategic way to excite the viewers about what the artist is passionate about. Through the use of pictures, videos, audio, and text, the artist can convey his or her talents to build a unique business company. Loyal blog viewers will feel the passion come across the computer screen and inspire the artist to further their artistic talents.

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