Beautiful Minimalist Desktop Wallpapers

Minimalism in design is all about breaking down artwork into it’s most fundamental features – removing any of the clutter and leaving just it’s necessary elements. There’s something extremely calming about having a minimalist, uncluttered design.

Having an uncluttered, simple desktop wallpaper can give you room to think. For those that can see the beauty in simplicity, having a nice & clean background on your monitor can make for happier designers. We’ve selected 15 inspirational, minimalist desktop wallpapers that aren’t afraid of using white-space.

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Enso Wallpaper
Enso by ~Islingt0ner

Apple Wallpaper
⌘⌥⌃⏏ by Ramy Majouji

Ortin Wallpaper
Ortin by Apodic

1up Wallpaper
1UP by Isabella Nunes

Coffee Wallpaper
Hot, Ice, Cosy and Frapp by ~dm29

Dice Wallpaper
Dice by Monoespacio

Wood Wallpaper
Wood Wallpaper by laszlo.prekop

Dot Equalizer Wallpaper
Dot Equalizer by Jane Lodahl Krejberg

Pixelverse by Copudesign

Weather Wallpaper
Weather by Reda Lazri

Cloud Wallpaper
Cloud Minimal by Janslyn

Splash Wallpaper
Splash by HeyItPaul

Sky Wallpaper
Sky Wallpaper by joshhikes

Sea of Life Wallpaper
Sea of Life by morlockonzark

Luxo's Toy Wallpaper
Luxo’s Toy Wallpaper by Carlo Corral

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