Beautiful Female Vexel Artworks

Vexel is a type of artwork that combines sharp-edged lines and flat color or gradient fills with a form of raster styling to achieve creative digital art.  Typically created using a large number of paths and vector objects combined with other techniques, vexel is a challenging form of art that can yield great results.

In this post, you’ll find some beautiful vexel artworks of women from some of the best vexel artists around.  Hope you enjoy them.

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Contemplating by jawwneee

Katie Melua by Swezzels

I’m Missing by Lullipops

No5 by mari-angel

Nicole by jespecially

The Truth by uniquedee

Goldfrapp by Lightways

Lady Gaga by Fabulosity

Bunny by Vilone

Gimme More Brains by Winterof87

Sophia Bush by the2slayers

Thawana Broska by Anderson Mathias

Lash by BeBeachy

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