233 Unique Bear Tattoo Designs (2018 Edition)


Animals are very popular themes that are widely used in tattoo art. Each animal has a special symbolic meaning and the specific tattoo brings forth those meanings through its catchy display. The bear is a popular animal that is very well-known as a tattoo piece. The bear tattoo has a rich variety in terms of display and symbolic significance. It is worn by men as well as women in equal numbers as it possesses both masculine and feminine qualities. The former signifies aggression, power, passion, fortitude, bravery, courage etc. They are good hunters and also excellent at catching fish.

The feminine part of the bear is associated with creativity and protection. Bears are very protective of their cubs and also have self-reflective qualities. As far as the display is concerned bears can look cuddly, cute, scary and menacing. If you are fascinated by this amazing animal and want to get your body inked with a bear tattoo then do check out this post. It features awesome examples of bear tattoo designs along with their meanings. You are sure to find it interesting. Enjoy.

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Tiny Panda Tattoo Design

This tiny panda tattoo design on the finger looks absolutely perfect!

Tiny Bear Outline Tattoo

Make your mark without doing many efforts with this tiny bear outline tattoo on ankle.

Stunning Black Bear Tattoo Idea For Women

A small black bear tattoo idea like this looks totally stunning and is a great option for women.

Magnificent Bear Tattoo Picture

With whole of the nature captured in this bear tattoo picture perfectly, this magnificent piece is the perfect option for every nature lover.

Captivating Bear Outline Tattoo

Use your imagination and new techniques and get in touch with your artistic side through this captivating bear outline tattoo.

Awesome Panda Bear Tattoo Idea

This adorable looking panda bear tattoo idea along with brightly colored balloons is an awesome way to start off your tattoo journey.

Tiny Panda Bear Tattoo

We’re so drooling over this tiny, little panda bear tattoo on foot, such a cutie way to have body art!

Adorable Bear Tattoo Design

This bear tattoo design on the wrist combined with a motivational message looks super adorable.

Amazing Panda Bear Tattoo For Guy

This panda bear tattoo looks fierce and deadly and is a perfect pick for guys.

Eye-Catchy Bear Tattoo For Girl

Express your love for wildlife and nature in the most simple way with this eye-catchy bear tattoo for girls for their wrists.

Quirky Panda Tattoo Design

With a quirky panda tattoo design combined with flowers, this panda tattoo design on the wrist looks perfect!

Cutest Panda Tattoo Design

Enhance your inner child and get inked in this adorable and cutest panda tattoo design.

Cute Polar Bear Tattoo

Celebrate your love for wildlife and nature by getting inked in this cute polar bear tattoo on leg.

Gorgoeus Bear Tattoo Design

Decorate your body with a gorgeous looking and vibrantly colored bear tattoo design symbolizing strength and power.

Impressive California Bear Tattoo

Celebrate freedom and independence with this impressive California bear tattoo on arm.

Beautiful Bear And Cub Tattoo

This simple black and white bear and cub tattoo looks beautiful and is a great way to express motherhood and protection.

Tiny Bear Tattoo For Girl

Tiny yet very stylish, this geometric bear tattoo for girls look perfect on the waist.

Small Panda Tattoo For Girl

This small panda tattoo for girls in minimal style is the perfect for embracing your inner child.

Cute Teddy Bear Tattoo Design

Not just eye-pleasing this cute teddy bear tattoo design also holds meaningful things like innocence, love, and affection.

3D Bear Tattoo Flash

Let your tattoo do all the talking with this superbly colored 3D bear tattoo flash.

Roaring Bear Tattoo

The roaring bear tattoo etched on the arm of the guy symbolizes power and fortitude.

Dark Bear Tattoo

Take a look at this daunting dark bear making a loud roar that stands for the confident and courageous attitude of the guy.

Bear & Rose Tattoo

This tattoo symbolizes that the wearer is fiercely protective of his wife and child.

Black Bear Tattoo

Another fearsome bear tattoo that inspires the wearer to be confident and guard his moral territory with courage and determination.

Angry Bear Tattoo

Have a look at this menacing bear tattoo that is a symbol of aggression, passion and dominion.

Bear Sketch Tattoo

This simple black and white bear tattoo looks innocent and inspires the wearer to be confident.

Cute Bear Tattoo

Lovely small green bear smoking a cigarette symbolizes a fun-loving and cute attitude.

Green Bear Tattoo

Delightful to the core, this green bear tattoo is a mark of love and the girl dedicates it to her boyfriend.

Cuddly Bear Tattoo

This lovely bear sketch carved on the foot of the girl is a symbol of motherhood. It shows her love and affection for her kids.

Star Bear Tattoo

Take a look at this creative tattoo done with a bear and star backdrop that symbolizes resurrection.

Fierce Bear Tattoo

The wearer got this tattoo because he is a skilled hunter and good at catching fishes.

Lucky Bear Tattoo

This cute and lively bear tattoo carved with shamrock leaves is superb and serves as a good luck charm for the wearer.

Catchy Bear Tattoo

The bear dressed in a civil uniform and framed inside a mirror looks cool and catches quick attention.

Bear Chest Tattoo

The pair of bears resting on the chest of the guy symbolizes his protective and affectionate parents.

Scary Bear Tattoo

Aggressive, powerful and confident; this bear tattoo looks quite intimidating and fearsome.

Smokey Bear Tattoo

This colorful bear tattoo is sexy and cute in outlook. The wearer got it to make a cool style statement.

Beautiful Bear Tattoo

Take a look at this artistic and neat bear tattoo self-designed by the wearer. It looks sweet and innocent.

Cool Bear Tattoo

Clean and appealing in outlook, this bear tattoo has a classic look that looks real as well.

Belligerent Bear Tattoo

The red eyes and tongue create a scary hunter bear tattoo that indicate towards the excellent hunting skills of the wearer.

Bewitching Bear Tattoo

The flowers canopy around the bear makes for an eye-catching portrait. The tattoo artist has done a brilliant job.

Interesting Bear Tattoo

This cute bear tattoo expresses the innermost desire of the wearer to get even with his cunning business rival.

Growling Bear Tattoo

Symbol of passion and aggression, this bear and rose tattoo is a symbol that the wearer is very possessive about his beloved.

Hunter Bear Tattoo

The bear holding a fish in its mouth looks very daunting. It indicates that the wearer is also a very good fish catcher.

Furious Bear Tattoo

The scary countenance and aggressive growl of the bear is symbolic of passion and power.

Fighter Bear Tattoo

This bear tattoo inspires awe in the eyes of onlookers with its belligerent and menacing display.

Grizzly Bear Tattoo

This wearer is from Alaska and got the grizzly bear to symbolize the fact that he is a native of that place.

Standing Bear Tattoo

This bear tattoo, done on the arm, is quite creative and stylish in appearance.

Bear Back Tattoo

Picturesque and creepy at the same time; this bear tattoo has a distinctive mystic look.

Circus Bear Tattoo

Cute bear tattoo standing on the forearm of the guy symbolizes his fun-loving and adventurous spirit.

Bear On The Hunt Tattoo

Calm and composed, waiting for its prey in the grass, the bear paints a cool tattoo portrait.

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