233 Unique Bear Tattoo Designs (2018 Edition)


Badass Bear Tattoo Design

Get inked in some of the most impressive and striking colors with this bear tattoo design on the hand that looks like a total badass!

Beautiful California Bear Tattoo

Along with looking beautiful, this California Bear tattoo is also a very meaningful choice to make.

Extraordinary Tattoo Black Bear

Decorate your chest by getting a detailed and extraordinary tattoo of black bear, like this symbolizing power, strength, and fierceness.

Bear Face Tattoo On Forearm

A bear face tattoo on your arm done in some amazing ink is a great way to express your inner desires.

Vibrant Bear Tattoo Flash

This bear tattoo flash with a warrior like bear uses some vibrant colors to give it a killer effect.

Intricate Bear Tattoo Picture

Unique and extremely intricate, this bear tattoo picture in entirely black color is giving all those goth vibes.

Kick-Ass Bear Design Tattoo

Explore new and unconventional tattoo techniques like this dot-work bear design tattoo which looks simply kick-ass!

Gorgeous Black Bear Tattoo

This extremely gorgeous black bear tattoo on foot could be symbolic of supernatural forces and resurrection.

Amazing Bear Claw Tattoo For Men

Get inspired by this fierce and amazing bear claw tattoo for men on the chest.

Fantastic Brown Bear Tattoo Design

The color combination and design of this brown bear tattoo looks absolutely fantastic.

Cool Bear Face Tattoo

This bear face tattoo in geometrical patterns looks impressive and is a very cool option for guys!

Funkiest Bear Tattoo Design For Men

Among the many options available, this bear tattoo design for men is one of the funkiest designs ever!

Unique Grizzzly Bear Tattoo

This abstract design of a grizzly bear tattoo with vibrant colors is such a unique idea for inking.

Dotted Polar Bear Tattoo

Unusual, stylish and extremely striking, this dotted polar bear tattoo is a must-have!

Awesome Brown Bear Tattoo Design

This abstract brown bear tattoo design on the back looks awesome and is a fine example of tattoo art.

Roaring Bear Tattoo Picture

Depicting fierceness, power, and strength, this roaring bear tattoo picture is such a cool option for inking!

Cool Bear Tattoo Design For Women

This abstract and gorgeous bear tattoo design in low-poly style is such a cool option for women.

Funky Bear Tattoo

Explore new tattooing techniques and get yourself a unique piece like this bear tattoo in geometrical patterns that look super funky!

Spectacular Bear Tattoo Design

Approach your normal and simple looking bear tattoo design in a spectacular way by getting inked in vibrant and other trippy colors.

Unique Roaring Bear Tattoo

This roaring bear tattoo in the most unusual and vibrant colors is one of the most unique tattoos you will ever come across.

Striking Brown Bear Tattoo Design

With the perfect color contrast and design, this brown bear tattoo design is one of the most striking choices for girls.

Hyper-realsitic Bear Tattoo

This hyper-realistic, 3D bear tattoo done entirely in black ink with impressive details makes for one kickass tattoo!

Artistic Polar Bear Tattoo

This polar bear tattoo is such an artistic way to go about body art.

Cute Bear Tattoo Idea

Cute and innovative, this bear tattoo idea is such a great option to ink!

Mind-Blowing Bear Tribal Tattoo Design

Go ahead and get this mind-blowing bear tribal tattoo design on arm that is perfect will perfectly describe your strength and powerful nature.

Impressive Black Bear Tattoo

Show your inner strength and power with this impressive black bear tattoo on thighs.

Mesmerizing Bear Tattoo For Girl

This bear tattoo for girls takes the playful and fun route and creates a totally mesmerizing effect.

Awesome Black Bear Tattoo Design

A grim looking black bear tattoo design done on your arm is such an awesome way to reinforce your inner beast and strength.

Cool Panda Bear Tattoo

A family of panda bear tattoo done in black and white ink looks so very cool and is a great idea for every wildlife lover.

Matching Panda Bear Tattoo Design

This tiny and matching panda bear tattoo design is the perfect option if you want to go for a couple’s tattoo.

Colorful Panda Bear Tattoo Idea

Along with looking eye-pleasing this very colorful panda bear tattoo idea also signifies good luck, harmony and balance.

Adorable Bear Tattoo

Reminisce your childhood days in this vibrant and super adorable bear tattoo of Winne the Pooh.

Stylish Panda Bear Tattoo Design

This panda bear tattoo design in low poly style looks whimsical and so very stylish.

Pretty Panda Tattoo Idea For Girl

This panda tattoo idea for girls along with a cherry blossom tree looks feminine and pretty.

Adorable Panda Bear Tattoo

Simple and meaningful, this adorable panda bear tattoo is of WWF logo is a great way to show your support for wild animals.

Wonderful Polar Bear Tattoo

This incredibly vivid and wonderful polar bear tattoo will signify the cultural and spiritual significance of the bearer.

Realistic Bear Shoulder Tattoo

This bear shoulder tattoo with a cross looks realistic and is a symbol of spirituality and deep connection with nature.

Amazing Grizzly Bear Sleeve Tattoo

A life-like grizzly bear sleeve tattoo is an awesome way to show your love for nature and the wild.

Fierce Bear Tattoo Design

Be the badass and show your inner strength and power with this fierce and detailed bear tattoo design on the shoulder.

Awesome Tattoo Polar Bear

This awesome tattoo of polar bear on the ribs is perfect for describing your love for wildlife.

Incredible Tribal Bear Head Tattoo

This tribal bear head tattoo in entirely black color looks incredible on the body!

Mesmerizing Spirit Bear Tattoo

This incredibly detailed spirit bear tattoo on the sides looks unbelievable and totally mesmerizing.

Unique Bear Tattoo Design

Make your body art stand out in the crowd with this unique bear tattoo design in wonderful colors and new techniques.

Awesome California Bear Tattoo

Depicting freedom and independence, this California bear tattoo looks simply awesome!

California Bear Tattoo Design

This California bear tattoo design looks superb and is symbolic of freedom and independence.

Enchanting Bear Tattoo For Girl

This bear tattoo for girls in colorful low poly style is one of most enchanting design you’ll ever see!

Small Bear Tattoo Design For Guy

This small bear tattoo design for guys looks super catchy on the arm.

Impressive Bear Tattoo Design

This realistic and lifelike image of a bear tattoo design in contrasting colors looks impressive.

Amazing Polar Bear Tattoo

Denoting an array of meanings, this polar bear tattoo on the back looks simply amazing.

Coolest Grizzly Bear Tattoo

Fierce, powerful and badass, this grizzly bear tattoo is one of the coolest designs!

Vibrant Bear Face Tattoo Design

A brilliantly colored and vibrant bear face tattoo design is the perfect way to assert your power and inner strength.

Wonderful Tattoo Grizzly Bear

A portrait like image of a bear is a wonderful tattoo of a grizzly bear.

Kick-Ass Bear Tattoo Design

This colorful bear tattoo design depicting fierceness and strength looks kick-ass and is a great way to go for tattoo lovers.

Tribal Bear Face Tattoo Design

This tribal bear face tattoo design at the back of the neck is one eye-catchy design to have!

Realistic Panda Bear Tattoo Design

One of best ways to get inked with animals designs is by getting them in a realistic style like this panda bear tattoo design.

Sweet Panda Bear Tattoo Design

Showcase your love and appreciation for nature and the wild by getting this sweet panda bear tattoo design.

Cutesy Panda Bear Tattoo

If you love pandas, then we would definitely recommend you this cutesy little panda bear tattoo on toe.

Striking Panda Bear Tattoo For Men

Known for its friendly and calm nature, this panda bear tattoo for men uses striking colors and design and shows it in a completely different light!

Awesome Bear Face Tattoo

Embrace your fierce side and enhance your body art by getting inked in a ferocious and awesome bear face tattoo.

Amazing Panda Bear Tattoo

This small panda bear tattoo looks nothing less than an amazing miniature painting.

Eye-Catchy Tattoo Of Panda

This whimsical tattoo of panda on hand looks extremely eye-catchy and wonderful!

Cool Panda Bear Tattoo For Women

Looking both cool and quirky, this panda bear tattoo for women is such a creative design to have!

Girly Panda Bear Tattoo

A brilliantly and brightly colored panda bear tattoo is a great way to go for every girl tattoo lover.

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