233 Unique Bear Tattoo Designs (2018 Edition)


Dashing Bear Paw Tattoo Design

Realistic and so life-like, this bear paw tattoo design with a bear face looks simply dashing.

Bear Ripping Through Skin Tattoo

A symbol for contrasting natures and temperaments, this life-like bear ripping through skin tattoo looks so kickass!

Fantastic Tribal Bear Tattoo

This tribal bear tattoo uses fantastic strokes creating one hell of a design!

Mesmerizing Mama Bear And Cubs Tattoo

Looking absolutely mesmerizing, this mama bear and cubs tattoo pays a beautiful ode to motherhood.

Attractive Celtic Bear Claw Tattoo

This Celtic bear claw tattoo along with looking attractive is also symbolic of spirituality and paganism.

Adorable Koala Bear Tattoo Design

Known for their friendly, “easy-going” attitude, a koala bear tattoo design is definitely an adorable choice to make!

Tribal Bear Claw Tattoo

Create a style statement with this amazing tribal bear claw tattoo on the shoulder.

Awesome Bear Footprint Tattoo

Get inspired by this very awesome bear footprint tattoo on the back.

Bear Ripping Outta Skin Tattoo

Doing complete justice to the title, this skin ripping bear tattoo has inked this mighty animal in its natural instincts!

Magnificent Celtic Bear Tattoo Design

Looking like a magnificent piece of art, this Celtic bear tattoo design is a total knock-out design!

Incredible Bear Paw Tattoo Design

Making the perfect shoulder piece, this bear paw tattoo design looks incredible.

Awesome Bear Claw Tattoo Picture

Go ahead and rock this bear claw tattoo picture which not only looks awesome but is also very meaningful.

Captivating Bear Track Tattoo

Symbolizing good luck, power, and stability, this bear track tattoo on the back looks captivating.

Wonderful Bear Totem Tattoo

This wonderful bear totem tattoo in sleeve style is such a great option for any tattoo enthusiast.

Tribal Bear Paw Tattoo Design

This tribal bear paw tattoo design on the chest looks dashing and is perfectly suited for guys.

Traditional Polar Bear Tattoo For Guy

Go for this traditional polar bear tattoo for guys in striking colors and show your inner strength in a stylish way!

Attractive Bear Tattoo Idea

This super attractive bear tattoo idea plays with fun and new colors, looking every bit of attractive.

Adorable Bear Outline Tattoo

This simple and fuss-free bear outline tattoo along with a meaningful quote looks super adorable!

Spectacular Polar Bear Tattoo

This spectacular polar bear tattoo done in a single lined technique is the perfect way to be in touch with your creative side.

Vibrant Polar Bear Tattoo For Men

This extremely vibrant polar bear tattoo in low-poly style looks so eye-pleasing and is a perfect pick for men.

Amazing Bear Face Tattoo Design

A vibrantly colored and amazing looking bear face tattoo design signifies supernatural forces and resurrection and is a rage among tattoo lovers.

Cool Native American Bear Tattoo

This Native American bear tattoo on the arm looks immensely cool on the arm.

Beautiful Bear Tattoo For Men

Assert your love for wild in this bold and bear tattoo for men which is also symbolic for immense strength and power.

Traditional Bear Tattoo Design

Enhance your body art by getting this colored, vibrant and 3D made traditional bear tattoo design.

Cute Foot Bear Tattoo

An innocent and cute looking bear tattoo is symbolic for fertility and motherhood.

Attractive Bear Tattoo Outline

Explore your options and get inked with this attractive bear tattoo outline done in a single lined technique.

Adorable Polar Bear Tattoo Idea

This polar bear tattoo idea is one of the most innovative and beautiful ideas for couples to get inked.

Beautiful Polar Bear Tattoo Design

This beautiful polar bear tattoo design is the best way to honor nature and family love together.

Grizzly Bear Tattoo On Chest

A fierce looking and lifelike bear face tattoo showcases not only your personality but also your undying spirit for the zest of life.

Traditional Bear Tattoo

Inked with impressive and striking colors this traditional bear tattoo is a great way to showcase your inner strength and powerful spirit.

Stunning Bear Design Tattoo

If you’re an animal lover, this bear design tattoo in low-poly style is a stunning option for you!

Traditional Black Bear Tattoo

Show your love for the wild by getting a fierce looking and detailed traditional black bear tattoo inked.

Unbelievable Bear Face Tattoo

Embrace your wild side by getting inked in this unbelievable bear face tattoo on chest!

Trendiest Bear Tattoo Design For Girl

Get this low-poly bear tattoo design for girls in impressive colors is one of the trendiest designs ever!

Amazing Bear Paw Tattoo

Show your animal love and your fierce side together with this amazing bear paw tattoo.

Cute Teddy Bear Tattoo Flash

Give cuteness a little twist with this patched teddy bear tattoo flash. Quite colorful,quite cute!

Incredible Claw Print Tattoo

Get inspired from this incredible claw print tattoo with an intricate bear design.

Pretty Bear Tattoo For Girl

This super pretty bear tattoo for girls is perfect for depicting power, strength, confidence and resurrection.

Awesome Bear Shoulder Tattoo

A contrastingly colored bear shoulder tattoo is an awesome way to showcase your never say die attitude.

Striking Bear Tattoo Image

This immensely detailed bear tattoo image with other dark images looks super striking and is perfect for someone looking for some occult designs.

Watercolor Bear Face Tattoo Design

This watercolor bear face tattoo design in subtle colors looks whimsical.

Cool Bear Sleeve Tattoo

Inked to perfection, this bear sleeve tattoo looks insanely cool with all those colors!

Brilliant Native American Bear Tattoo

Depicting spirituality and deep connection with nature, this brilliantly inked Native American bear tattoo looks really good!

Amazing Native American Bear Tattoo

This impressively colored and elaborate Native American bear tattoo along with looking amazing is symbolic of things like power, strength, and unpredictability.

Huge Bear Head Tattoo

Go all the way and get inked in this huge, life-size bear head tattoo on your stomach.

Stylish Bear Tattoo Picture

This black-outlined bear tattoo picture is new, fresh and extremely stylish.

Stylish Bear Tattoo For Men

This strong and stylish bear tattoo for men has got some really amazing details and highlights.

Awesome Bear Tattoo Flash

This bear tattoo flash with some strikingly colored roses not only looks awesome but also symbolizes the fierce personality of the bearer.

Elaborate Bear Tattoo Image

This incredibly detailed, and elaborate bear tattoo image has got the perfect blend of colors together.

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