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25 Badass Tattoos For Guys You Should Check Today


Tattoos are a rage among the youth. These traditional art forms have evolved in various ways over a period of time. They were a symbol of religious and tribal culture in earlier times but today they have become a part of looks. In the present age they are a fashion statement as well as make up accessory. Boys and girls like to experiment with the look and design of tattoos. For them it is a style statement that defines their attitude. One can easily find them sporting various designs and images on their body parts as they get tattoos inked.

Badaas tattoos are liked by those who like to sport the rough and tough look. Mostly preferred by guys the badaas tattoos are available in different sizes and shapes. They have movie characters, mythical figures, bohemian designs and patterns and much more as the variety they offer. One can experiment with a hell lot of them if one wants to sport a rowdy look. Below is a medley of twenty five badaas tattoo designs for the rough and tough street smart youth. If you are in search of some unique designs you will definitely like having a look at them.

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Luffy tattoo

Straw hat luffy with wide open mouth painted on the arm.

Badass Luffy

Devil tattoo

Back and hands covered with embroidery and a prominent devil mask image.

ONI Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Red spider web with a skeleton caught in between.

Neck Tattoo

Funny tattoo

Funny looking devilish cartoon creature riding in anger.

Badass Weirdo

Thor Tattoo

Blood oozing from a spider web with a geometrical figure pasted over it on the side of chest.

Thor Tattoo

Scorpion tattoo

Small black scorpion tattoo on the neck.

Neck Badass Tattoo

Tattoo that makes a statement

Skeleton in a curled ribbon with a cool statement.

Badass Neck Tattoo

Brass tattoo

Staid and somber brass knuckles.

Brass Knuckles

Classic tattoo

Classic design pattern running sideways from head to shoulders.

Freestyle Tattoo

Injury tattoo

Torso with wildlife images and injuries’ mark for that macho look.

Inked Injuries

Somber tattoo

Grim looking man with green hair and colors on face.

Joker Tattoo

Mushroom tattoo

Mushroom positioned at top of another tree trunk painted sideways.

Mushroom Cloud Colored

Monster tattoo

Three red stripes reflecting the mystical energy of monsters.

Monster Energy

Sexy sleeve Tattoo

Two ladies up to some evil enjoying their time at bar.

Badass Sleeve Tattoo

Arm tattoo

Creatively designed anchor on a blue embroidered base.

Anchor Tattoo

Hand tattoo

Prying eyes painted on both forearms with embroidered sides.

My Eyes On You

Evil tattoo

Laughing devil face painted on the top of the arm.

Demon Tattoo

Badass Eel

Fearsome eel with open stretched jaws showing its sharp teeth.

Badass Eel

Zombie Tattoo

Exquisitely placed on inner side of the lower lip with text of zombie written on it.

Zombie Tattoo

Face Tattoo

Three stars in a vertical line with a lower tag saying “No Mercy”.

Face Tattoo

Warhammer Tattoo

Mammoth red and green warhammer tattoo.

Warhammer Tattoo

Devil tattoo

Devil with mouth wide open painted on the shoulder.

Evil Demonic Tattoo

Darth Vader

Darth Vader masks painted on the arm that gives you the antagonist look.

Darth Vader

Axe tattoo

Mysterious horned animal sitting on twin planks with an axe in front.

Recon Tattoo