Avoiding the Rat Race at Work for Your Growth

Are you filled with an overwhelming sense of depression and dejection as you go about pursuing your work? Have you been feeling low and demotivated when it comes to your work life? Does it often occur to you that there is no purpose in the work that you do on a regular basis but still you can’t give it up? If your answer is a quick ‘yes’ to all these queries then you are working in an environment that promotes rat race. Rat race is a common phenomenon at workplaces these days and there are many professionals out there who feel that they are a part of this mindless phenomenon. Well, the tragedy of our times is that no matter how hard one tries, one just can’t escape the rat race because it has become strongly institutionalized at workplaces.

Paul Ulasien, the author of ‘The Corporate Rat Race: The Rats Are Winning’ famously said “No matter what you do in the rat race, success is not certain but if you do nothing, failure is.” This is very true and anyone who is a part of the rat race will invariably agree with this philosophy-cum-fact. So, does that mean there is no alternative and we are doomed to work like rats forever? Is there no hope for our tortured souls? Is quitting the only option? Of course, not. There are many ways that can help you in avoiding the rat race at work and they are all very well-suited to take care of your personal and professional life. Quitting is not the only solution and there are a lot of remedies that you can use to soothe your tortured souls. So, here we go with the solutions:

Learn Time Management

Learn Time Management

Now don’t roll your eyes in disdain because the art of time management is something that doesn’t come easily. You might think that you are good at it and you have given all that it requires to utilize your time in a productive and smart way but the fact remains that this is just an illusion. Almost all those who have created a distinct route for themselves out of the rat race will tell you that time management is the key to staying ahead of the curve and avoiding the harms of the rat race.

Overcome Your Fears

Overcome Your Fears

The worst thing about rat race is that it makes you anxious and you become an habitual worrier. Fear is the basic reason that makes many people stay in the rat race as they are unable to break their self-made cages that lead them into a rut existence. Most of the times, this fear is unwarranted and something that is the result of your undue tensions. So, shun fear and start practicing faith. If you are believer in God, seek his assistance. Consulting and confiding in a friend or mentor is also a good idea.

Take Out Time for Your Hobbies and Interests

Take Out Time For Your Hobbies And Interests

The most tragic casualty of rat race is that we stop taking out time for our interest and hobbies even if we have it because we are busy indulging our fears, anxieties and worries. Our hobbies and interests are something that make us feel good about ourselves and thus, keeps us motivated and content. So, give them the time and space that they deserve.

Chart out Clear-Cut Goals and Work Hard to Achieve Them

Chart Out Clear-Cut Goals And Work Hard To Achieve Them

At times, rat race is a result of over commitment and unduly high expectations from oneself. It is not justified to blame one’s boss or supervisor because in our zeal to succeed and excel, we often end up making ourselves bundles of stress who are best known as workaholics. It is always advisable to have wise goals that one can achieve without exerting oneself unduly.

Start Your Side Business

Start Your Side Business

This is also a good option to avoid rat race at work as owning a side business gives you security and you don’t feel the anxiety and fears that often accompany one on the work front. You can also rely on it if circumstances turn sour and you decide to quit your job.

Learn New Skills

Learn New Skills

Rat race tends to make us monotonous and thus, takes a toll on our creativity and learning ability. Therefore, one must make room in one’s busy schedule for learning something new and creative. For example, you can join hobby classes. This will divert your attention and also keep you active.

Help Others to Help Yourself

Help Others To Help Yourself

Rat race is the result of unhealthy competition. Many workplaces promote it without knowing that they are harming their own organization but now that you are aware of the trick to self-help it is best to take initiatives and help your colleagues. There is a famous quote that says “Those who bring sunshine into the life of others cannot keep it from themselves.” Therefore, help others and you will find that your life is also shining.

Try to Lead a Disciplined Life

Try To Lead A Disciplined Life

The best way to stay clear from the harmful effects of rat race is to make oneself disciplined. Many stressed people who are a part of the rat race feel helpless and anxious because they lead their life in a haphazard style. When you bring discipline in your life, everything becomes smooth and stress free.

Join Yoga Classes or Listen to Spiritual Discourses

Join Yoga Classes Or Listen To Spiritual Discourses

Faith is a great force and it has been seen that people who practice faith cope with stress and trying times in a better manner. Yoga is a holistic exercise that keeps you mind, body and soul in shape. If you include it in your daily routine, you will definitely vouch for its benefits. Listening to spiritual discourses is also a good exercise to heal your stressed mind. Go for it if you find it helpful.

As said above, rat race is something that has become grounded in our life and it is next to impossible to do away with it. But it is certainly not impossible to do away with its ill-effects. The ill-effects of rat race are too harmful to be avoided. Stress- this single word is enough to explain the detriment that rat race poses to our life. Stress is no less than a disease and the worst thing about this disease is that we fail to recognize its symptoms and even if we do we ignore it which is really unfortunate. By ignoring stress, we are ignoring all those damaging elements that are bound to make our life a living hell. So, don’t ignore it. Catch the bull by its horns and give it a sound thrashing so that it doesn’t dare to rear its defiant head even in its dreams. The above mentioned ways to defeat rat race at work will surely guide you to success. Try them out.

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