188 Creative Aquarius Tattoos (2018 Edition)


Zodiac tattoos have gained much popularity in all age groups of men and women. The sun sign symbols are widely worn as tattoo pieces on different parts of the body. Talking about the eleventh sign of the zodiac calendar, Aquarius sun sign rules those who are born from January 21 to February 19. The Aquarius tattoos reflect two popular designs. The first is that of two parallel waves while the second is that of the water carrier who may be depicted as a man or a woman. These two are most sought-after Aquarius tattoo designs.

Ruled by the planet Uranus and Saturn, the people influenced by this eleventh sun sign are known for their humanitarian and spiritual nature. They are givers in a true sense of the word and love to work for the larger interest of humanity. Creativity, honesty, loyalty, independence, etc. are also some cool qualities of the Aquarian. If you wish to wear this zodiac tattoo then we can help you with designs and inspirations. The post created below features pictures of people wearing Aquarius art form in varied styles on different parts of their bodies. Take a look.

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Aquarius Ring Tattoo

Water Color Aquarius Tattoo

Cute Wrist Aquarius Tattoo

An adorable way to ink the Aqauarius tattoo is by getting it done on the wrist in basic black ink.

Star Aquarius Tattoo

Aquarius Image Tattoo

Forearms are the best place to get inked. This dark tattoo shows the eccentricity of an Aquarian.

Aquarius Tattoo

Aquarius Constellation Tattoo

Small Aquarius Tattoo On Wrist

Collar Bone Aquarius Tattoo

Beautiful Aquarius tattoo created with waves and stars that stands for the idealistic and humanitarian nature of the Aquarian.

Zodiac Symbol Tattoo

Cute Aquarius Tattoo Design

Aquarius Picture Tattoo

Cute Aquarius Tattoo For Girl

Aquarius Love Tattoo

The guy expresses his love for his Aquarian beloved through a sun sign and heart tattoo.

Traditional Aquarius Tattoo

Zodiac Wrist Tattoo

Catchy Neck Tattoo Aquarius

The girl wears her zodiac sun sign symbol along with a starburst background that looks very distinctive.

Aquarius Wrist Tattoo

Cute and compact, dark Aquarius tattoo done on the wrist has a sweet and neat appeal.

Tattoo For Aquarius

The water carrier image boasts of your boldness and strong attitude towards life. This tattoo looks terrific on shoulder.

Aquarius Tattoo For Girl

Aquarius Sign Tattoo On Finger

Aquarius Half Sleeve Tattoo

An artistic approach to the Aquarius tattoo, this one goes elaborative in its design.

Aquarius Side Rib Tattoo

The famous Japanese waves area a great way to denote the Aquarius sign.

Belly Aquarius Tattoo

Go minimal and make this tiny design be your inspiration for an Aquarius Tattoo.

Aquarius Hand Tattoo Design

If you’re an Aquarian Gril, a trendy Waves tattoo on the hand will look gorgeous on you!

Aquarius Feet Tattoo

If you’re beginner, then a cute, barely-there Aquarius tattoo would be great for you!

Small Belly Tattoo

The girl got her astrological sun sign carved on her belly to serve as a source of inspiration.

Aquarius Full Sleeve Tattoo

Raise your Style quotient by tattooing a full sleeve Aquarius tattoo.

Side Aquarius Tattoo

For men who wants to get their Rib inked can opt for an Aquarius tattoo like this.

Water Flowing Aquarius Tattoo

A pretty and artistic design, this Water Flowing Aquarius tattoo looks awesome!

Half Sleeve Aquarius Tattoo

Infuse your culture in your Aquarius tattoo by getting the Water Bearer shown as a beautiful Japanese girl.

Cool Wrist Aquarius Tattoo

Let this tiny Aquarius tattoo be your pretty little thing!

Finger Aquarius Tattoo

Love tiny tattoos? This finger Aquarius tattoo is exactly what you need!

Roman Number Aquarius Tattoo

Take the simpler route and ink your Aquarius design with Roman Number in a basic yet stylish way!

Colorful Aquarius Tattoo On Hand

Begin your tattoo journey with a tattoo of your Zodiac Sign.

Aquarius And Nautical Star Tattoo

A depiction of fish in your Aquarius tattoo would be an interesting way to combine Pisces sign to your tattoo.

Aquarius Tattoo On Back

Getting your Aquarius tattoo in vibrant and sophisticated colors can really uplift your design.

Tribal Water Tattoo

Aquarius Tattoo On Leg

Aquarius Tattoo Outline

Creative Aquarius Sleeve Tattoo

Blue Aquarius Tattoo

Women Sleeve Aquarius Tattoo

Flower And Aquarius Tattoo

Aquarius Bicep Tattoo

Aquarius Tattoo Outline On Leg

Beautiful Aquarius Tattoo With Moon

Tribal Aquarius Tattoo On Bicep

Chest Aquarius Tattoo

Word Aquarius Tattoo

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