188 Creative Aquarius Tattoos (2018 Edition)


Fascinating Thigh Tattoo

Pretty Finger Tattoo

Calligraphed Aquarius Chest Tattoo

Bold Men Tattoo

Sexy Aquarius Shoulder Tattoo

Casual Back Ear Tattoo

Sparkling Thigh Tattoo

Waves Drops Arm Tattoo

Couple Sun Sign Wrist Tattoo

Enigmatic Abdomen Tattoo

Trivial Foot Tattoo

Dominating Aquarius Shoulder Tattoo

Rib Constellation Tattoo

Vibrant Chest Tattoo

Spiritual Forearm Tattoo

Tiny Aquarius Tattoo

Awful Aquarian Girl Tattoo

Colorful Wave Tattoo

Simple Aquarian Water Tattoo

Vibrant Hand Tattoo

This water vessel tattoo is rich in colors and gives a sense of deterministic attitude of whosoever wears this tattoo.

Contemporary Girlish Tattoo

Exhibit your sassiness to the world with this fabulous contemporary girlish tattoo on your ribs.

Aquarius Tribal Tattoo

This tribal tattoo looks stunning on the Aquarians.

Sizeable Back Tattoo

Get this full back tattoo which describes all the traits of an Aquarian. Moreover, the size is symbolic of breadth in vision of an Aquarian.

Dazzling Aquarius Arm Tattoo

This sparkling image of a woman with an urn and its lucence looks brilliant on the arm.

Cute Aquarius Hip Tattoo

Get your curves noticed with this cute Aquarius hip tattoo.

Wave Pattern Tattoo

The encircled wave pattern on your shoulder would be symbolic of your uniqueness.

Celtic Aquarius Tattoo

Aquarians are known for their distinctiveness. This tattoo with vibrant colors is surely the one that depicts it.

Tattoo Of The Aquarius Sign

Aquarius Tattoo Tribal

Make this dragon tribal Aquarius tattoo a style quotient.

Aquarius Zodiac Symbol Tattoo Design

This wave pattern symbol with the name of your Aquarius sun sign on your wrist would definitely catch attention.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Tattoo

For all the male Aquarians who love to be admired, this tattoo would do justice to you.

Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design

If you are conscious about your zodiac sign; this can be the best catch for all the Aquarians.

Aquarius Tattoo For Men

Aquarius men are independent. This tattoo on your back would represent it very well.

Aquarius Woman Tattoo

Carry your zodiac symbol wherever you go; with this charismatic tattoo on your leg.

Wave Drawing Tattoo

Wave pattern tattoo is the best for arms.

Aquarius Tattoo Design

This colorful tattoo on the nape is too much alluring. It would certainly pull people’s eyes to you.

Aquarius Tattoo Picture

A simple Aquarius tattoo with a heart shape who want to keep it small and lovely.

Creative Combined Tattoo

Capricorn and Aquarius sun sign symbols look cool in their fused form and express the love of the wearer for his children born under these two sun signs.

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