188 Creative Aquarius Tattoos (2018 Edition)


Tribal Water Tattoo Design

Behind The Ear Aquarius Tattoo

Aqarius Water Bearing Shoulder Tattoo

Aquarian Moon Arm Tattoo

Aquarius Shoulder Soothing Tattoo

Show your Aquarian traits in style with this colorful shoulder tattoo.

Aquarius Water Bearer Tattoo

Aquarius Bold Chest Tattoo

Aquarius Designer Tattoo

Aquarius Divine Water Tattoo

Girly Aquarius Rib Tattoo

Aquarius Strength Tattoo

Aquarius Feminine Tattoo

Aquarius Name Symbolic Tattoo

Masculine Aquarius Tattoo

Aquarius Black Blended Arm Tattoo

Aquarius Divine Star Tattoo

Aquarius Moon Arm Tattoo

Aquarius Black And White Tattoo

Unique Aquarius Arm Tattoo

Aquarius Sacred Water Tattoo

Water Bearing Aquarius Men Tattoo

Wisdom Water Tattoo

Woman With Urn Aquarius Tattoo

Eccentric Aquarius Tattoo

Aquarius Water Tattoo

Trendy Leg Tattoo

Stylish Hand Tattoo

Aquarius Nape Tattoo

Ankle Aquarius Tattoo

The waves and the Aquarius symbol together stand for the altruistic and independent nature of the Aquarian.

Alluring Aquarius Symbol Tattoo

Blue is an auspicious color for Aquarian. This wearer got his zodiac tattoo inked in this very shade for a cool look.

Aquarius Sign Chest Tattoo

Aquarian Full Arm Tattoo

Musical Water Vessel Tattoo

Bicep Aquarius Wave Tattoo

Small Aquarius Foot Tattoo

Cute Aquarius Tattoo

Stylish Leg Tattoo

Urban Aquarius Men Tattoo

Radiant Modern Women Tattoo

Aquarian Angel Tattoo

Shoulder Designer Tattoo

Flaunty Arm Length Tattoo

Brilliant Leg Tattoo

Passionate Aquarian Tattoo

Gaudy Female Tattoo

Shodo Nape Tattoo

Back Ear Stylish Tattoo

Sophisticated Forearm Tattoo

Beauteous Belly Tattoo

Exposable Aquarius Sign Tattoo

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