188 Creative Aquarius Tattoos (2018 Edition)


Small Aquarius Tattoo On Hand

Simple Nape Aquarius Tattoo

Aquarius And Koi Fish Tattoo

Aquarius Tattoo On Calf

Underarm Aquarius Tattoo

Beautiful Aquarius Tattoo

Artistic Aquarius Tattoo

The waves have been given a curvy and floral twist to create an elegant Aquarius tattoo.

Forearm Aquarius Tattoo

Beautiful blue waves gracing the forearm of the Aquarian wearer are an expression of his giving and generous nature.

Matching Leg Aquarius Tattoo

Colorful Arm Aquarius Tattoo

Colorful Bicep Aquarius Tattoo

Horizontal Waves Tattoo

The two zig zag dark lines are a symbol of the Aquarius sun sign and look great in their simple avatar.

Water Aquarius Tattoo

The girl displays her Aquarius tattoo carved on her nape that is symbolic of her generous and humanitarian nature.

Groovy Green Aquarius Tattoo

Sleek and sexy Aquarius tattoo that stands for the honest and independent nature of the wearer born under the 11th zodiac sign.

Tribal Aquarius Tattoo

Check out this unique tribal style Aquarius tattoo sitting on the foot of the girl that looks quite traditional.

Dark Aquarius Tattoo

The waves are a popular symbol that denote the “Water Bearer” Aquarius sun sign.

Sexy Aquarius Tattoo

The varied shades and interesting design of this Aquarius tattoo makes a classic zodiac style statement.

Blue Waves On Back Tattoo

Wear you Aquarius sun sign identity with a simple waves tattoo just like this girl.

Nice Aquarius Tattoo

Cute little astrological Aquarius tattoo that is a symbol of spirituality and humanitarianism, found in the people ruled by this sun sign.

Simple Neck Tattoo

Wear your sun sign identity just like this Aquarian girl who flaunts her zodiac sign on her nape.

Aquarius Tiny Tattoo

This small Aquarius tattoo always motivates the wearer to pursue her ideals with single-minded determination.

Astrological Aquarius Tattoo

Have a look at the blue waves that adorn the forearm of the wearer as his zodiac identity.

Mother Wrist Tattoo

Sun signs of son and daughter carved along with names conveys the love of the mother for her children.

Aquarius Arm Tattoo

Excellent shading done with blue and gray ink lends a serene and subtle look to the Aquarius tattoo.

Cute Foot Tattoo

Have a look at the foot of the Aquarian girl who wears her zodiac sign in the form of a bold tattoo.

Aquarius & Libra Tattoo

The friends show their sun sign symbol tattoos that they got on their feet together.

Colorful Aquarius Tattoo

The lady water bearer carved along with fishes and waves looks very magnetic and makes for a classic Aquarius tattoo.

Sleeve Aquarius Tattoo

The girl wears her zodiac sign on her sleeve as she is a firm believer in astrological science.

Sun Sign Wrist Tattoo

The parallel waves sitting on the wrist of the wearer denote that she is an Aquarian.

Back Neck Tattoo

Aquarius Leg Tattoo

The guy wears his Aquarius sun sign symbol on his leg as it keeps him going.

Appealing Aquarius Tattoo

Distinctive Aquarius tattoo displaying sober shades looks mystical and spiritual.

Celtic Style Aquarius Tattoo

The religious girl wears her sun sign tattoo to express her identity and personality that is influenced by the astrological calendar.

Aquarius Tattoo For Guy

Leo And Aquarius Tattoo

Aquarius Sign Tattoo

Aquarius Tattoo Sleeve

Tattoo Of Aquarius

Unique Aquarius Tattoo

Aquarius And Cancer Tattoo Combined

Tattoo Of Aquarius Sign

Aquarius Flower Tattoo

Zodiac Tattoo Aquarius

Aquarius Star Tattoo

Sagittarius And Aquarius Tattoo

Water Tattoo Flash

Capricorn And Aquarius Tattoo

Wave Tattoo Flash

Aquarius And Capricorn Tattoo

Aquarius And Pisces Tattoo

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