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244 Stupendous Ankle Tattoos (2018 Edition)


Tattoos look good on all parts of the body and it would not be an exaggeration to say that certain tattoos are known by the body parts on which they are carved. Well, every tattoo related to a particular body part has got its own unique beauty and all of them look beautiful in their own right. However, when it comes to tattoos that are pretty, feminine and very dainty, the ankle tattoos acquire the prime position. These tattoos have a sweet girlish look that is full of variety and oozes a luscious appeal. This is why women love to wear ankle tattoos.

Among the designs that find a prominent place on, around or below the ankle, flowers are most famous. The colorful, soft and natural entities look great around the ankle and since there is a lot of variety in the flowers category itself, the ankle tattoos with flowers are so sought-after. Other designs that look great include the bracelet, stars, butterflies, vines etc. If you are also looking for some ideas regarding the ankle tattoos, then it would be wise to take a look at this post that we have created. It features ankle tattoos of different shapes and sizes. You are sure to find them interesting.

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Cute Bow Tattoo On Ankle

Celebrate your feminity and womanhood with this cute bow tattoo on ankle.

Rose Tattoo On Ankle

Accentuate your ankle by getting inked in two contrasting, bright, and vibrant colors.

Cool Tattoo On Ankle

Go easy and laid back with this very cool palm tree tattoo on ankle.

Pretty Heart Tattoo On Ankle

This heart tattoo on the ankle with a bunch of cute hearts perfectly inked together looks pretty and fun!

Small Ankle Tattoo

Petite and cute, this small ankle tattoo is just the thing you need to brighten up your day!

Music Note Tattoo On Ankle

Celebrate your love for music with this cute music note tattoo on ankle.

Striking Star Ankle Tattoo

Create the perfect style statement with this striking star ankle tattoo in all black ink.

Trendy Star Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Go trendy with this all black star ankle bracelet tattoo.

Delicate Ankle Tattoo Design

This ankle tattoo design of a delicately drawn snowflake symbolizes uniqueness and beauty.

Ankle Tattoo Design For Women

Owl tattoo symbolizes knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom which looks perfect as an option for an ankle tattoo design for women.

Sweet Cross Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Celebrate your religious faith with this sweet and pretty Cross ankle bracelet tattoo.

Funky Ankle Tattoo

This very funky ankle tattoo created with a dragon motif looks cool and symbolizes wisdom, power, and ferocity.

Girl Tattoo On Ankle Foot

A simple and sweet black and gray vine and flower tattoo on ankle foot is a graceful option for girls.

Stunning Ankle Bracelet Tattoo With Flower

Grab eyeballs where ever you go with this stunning ankle bracelet tattoo with flowers in bright colors.

Pretty Lily Ankle Tattoo Design

This lily ankle tattoo design looks pretty and is a symbol of union and long-lasting relationship.

Charming Ankle Tattoo

Charming ankle tattoo, carved with initials of the wearer, flowers, and stars ha a very feminine appeal to it.

Endearing Ankle Tattoo Design

This endearing ankle tattoo design is done by a mother who got these two flowers to express her love and adoration for her two kids.

Awesome Ankle Calf Tattoo

Rock this super awesome ankle calf tattoo in all-black abstract design.

Pretty Flower Ankle Tattoo

This flower ankle tattoo in soothing and soft colors look super pretty.

Amazing Ankle Tattoo Design For Women

A super-amazing and well inked ankle tattoo design for women like this is the best way to go!

Awesome Butterflies Ankle Tattoo

The girl got this awesome butterflies ankle tattoo that is a mark of love for the bond shared by her and her twin sister.

Sweet Ankle Tattoo

Colorful flowers and butterflies woven together in a leafy looks perfect in this sweet ankle tattoo.

Graceful Tattoos On Ankle

This blue and black tattoo on ankle looks graceful and perfect for a girl’s leg.

Dainty Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo in black ink, looks very sweet and has got a superb dainty, girlish kind of touch.

Gorgeous Foot Ankle Tattoo Picture

This foot ankle tattoo picture of a cherry blossom looks gorgeous and symbolize sensuousness and feminine beauty.

Colorful Ankle Foot Tattoo

Colorful and lovely this ankle foot tattoo is an artistic choice to go for.

Girlish Ankle Tattoo

Sober and nature inspired; this ankle tattoo is very girlish and soothing to look at!

Stunning Rose Ankle Tattoo

The eternal and the most romantic symbol of love; the red rose, looks stunning in this rose ankle tattoo.

Floral Ankle Tattoo

This floral ankle tattoo in red and green is one charming design to have!

Colorful Lily Ankle Tattoo

This colorful lily ankle tattoo is symbolic of the family of wearer with her husband, she and their child.

Pretty Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

This butterfly tattoo on ankle along with flowers looks super pretty and is a symbol of love and companionship.

Funky Ankle Tattoo Design

This ankle tattoo design with the name of the girl’s lover along with flowers looks super funky!

Awesome Foot & Ankle Tattoo

This foot and ankle tattoo with cherry blossom and vine look awesome together.

Cool Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo with stars and vine has got a quote alongside, looking pretty cool.

Gorgeous Lily Ankle Tattoo

This super gorgeous lily ankle tattoo in pink and purple is a sweet symbol of eternal love.

Lovely Flower Vine Tattoo

This lovely flower vine tattoo look sweet and symbolize innocence and gentleness.

Wonderful Pictures Of Ankle Tattoo

Carrying the word believe in a vine wrap with a dragonfly below, this picture of ankle tattoo symbolizes self-belief and looks wonderful!

Girly Tattoo On Ankle

Go for this super girly and fun stars and a butterfly tattoo on the ankle which could mean different things for you.

Stylish Ankle Tattoo

This amazingly colored and stylish ankle tattoo looks so very cool!

Ankle Wrap Tattoo

Ankle wrap tattoo carved with a flower and triquetra that looks quite graceful in its sober and soothing form.

Charming Heart Ankle Tattoo

A colorful anklet and this heart ankle tattoo look super charming and symbolize the love life of the dancer.

Alluring Ankle Tattoo

Flowers tattoos look very alluring and feminine, just like this ankle tattoo with some amazingly colored flowers.

Ankle Tattoo With Name

Get your favorite’s person name inked like this superb ankle tattoo with names.

Large Ankle Tattoo

This large ankle tattoo of a sunflower looks pretty and stands for attachment and affection.

Colorful Tattoo On Ankle

Go get yourself inked in this very colorful tattoo on ankle.

Pretty Cherry Blossom Ankle Tattoo

This very pretty cherry blossom ankle tattoo uses some lively colors to bring out the essence of this tattoo.

Captivating Ankle Tattoo Design

Flowers make for some really captivating tattoos, and this ankle tattoo design is surely one such design.

Delicate Foot Tattoo

Opt for this delicate foot tattoo of flower vine for a striking tattoo piece.

Awesome Tattoo Idea For Feet And Ankle

Beautifully colored flowers make for an awesome tattoo idea for feet and ankle.

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