Amusing Caricatures of Celebrities and Famous People for Your Humor

Celebrity caricatures are probably the most popular subject for caricatures, as they take a feature about a famous person and exaggerate it.  The true definition of a caricature is a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness.  It’s easiest with celebrities because we all know the famous role or iconic style of the person.

Presented here for your amusement and inspiration are hilarious caricatures of celebrities and other famous figures.

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Enjoy, have a laugh or a few, and stay inspired.

Have a great weekend!

Leslie Nielsen by Guillermo Ramirez

Morgan Freeman by markdraws

Go Away Clown by Jason Seiler

The Rolling Stones by Pouria Hazidazeh

Dexter Morgan by Yoann Lori

Jackie Chan by John Bautista

LeBron James by Jubhubmubfub

Pele the King by Tiago Hoisel

Amanda Seyfried by PapaNinja

Minotauro by Tiago Hoisel

Larry King by Miguel Chajtur

Jim Carrey by Guillermo Ramirez

Kevin James by manitwo

Alan Moore by Diego Maia

Master Obama by Vincent Tang

John Reilly by Vincent Altamore

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