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132 Fantastic Ambigram Tattoos


Want to try something new with tattoos? Try Ambigram tattoos. In simple words, Ambigram is a style of writing. Who said words are boring? A little play with the words can turn out to be a wonderful visual treat. A single word engraved on the skin could be read from either way. When reading upside down they can be two different words. These words can be really expressive. Now that’s intelligence and aesthetics combined to give a completely new look.

Words may not be just words from now on! You could try a few from the list below.

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Name Tattoo Design For Men

An ambigram ink of your favorite name is a great way to show your love and loyalty towards someone.

Ambigram Tattoo Love Pain

Love and pain are two inseparable emotions and this Ambigram wrist tattoo is perfectly showing that!

Ambigram Ankle Tattoo

Go for an ambigram styled tattoo in order to embrace your love for style.

Ambigram Tattoo Design

An ambigram tattoo of a name works in wonderful ways.

Name Ambigram Tattoo On Foot

Get an ambigram inspired tattoo done on your both of your foot and wear it proudly.

Ambigram Tattoo On Leg

An ambigram tattoo done in ‘american’ words is one of the best ways of going.

Hope And Faith Tattoo

Stay Optimistic in life with this Hope and faith tattoo done in ambigram style.

Semper Fidelis Ambigram Tattoo

An ambigram ink done wonderfully in your native language works best.

Cool Words Forearm Tattoo

A prettily done tattoo done in an ambigram style in your mother language can be your way of paying ode to your roots.

Respect Believe Tattoo For Men

Be innovative in selecting your choice for an ambigram tattoo.

Ambigram Soldier Tattoo

Tip your hats to the troops as a ways of respecting them.

Devil Angel Ambigram Tattoo

This Devil angel Ambigram tattoo on ribs looks very stylish.

Ambigram Tattoo Family

Represent the love your bear for your family in an ambigram tattoo family.

Unique Name Tattoo

An elaborately done tattoo of a name in ambigram technique is a great way to go for.

Sister Ambigram Tattoo

Show your sissy love with this sister ambigram tattoo.

Tattoo Ambigram

A stylish and immensely gorgeous looking ambigram tattoo of the names or words that you love always works wonders.

Ambigram Tattoo For Men

A simply yet wonderfully done tattoo of an ambigram name works wonders for you.

Ambigram Tattoo For Couple

If you both are a big fan of tattoo lettering, then this Ambigram tattoo is meant for you guys!

Ambigram Name Tattoo

An ambigram tattoo done wonderfully of your loved one’s way is a new age fashion among tattoo enthusiasts.

Kaleb Blake Ambigram Tattoo

Beutifully carved letters!

Loyalty Betrayal Ambigram Tattoo

Feeling cheated? Sport these words.

Angel Ambigram Tattoo

If you think some people are God sent angels then this is the best way to show you are thankful to them.

Aloha Ambigram Tattoo

Pretty hibiscus surrounding aloha is a feast to the eyes.

Sean Kelley Ambigram Tattoo

You wouldn’t repent this on your arm!

Biceps Ambigram Tattoo

If you want some macho stuff, then this could be something that you need.

Back Ambigram Tattoo

Beautiful design for the back.

Ambigram Tattoo

Classic letters on the arm!

Wrist Ambigram Tattoo

Chuck your watch and make way for this wrist tattoo.

3rd Eye Ambigram Tattoo

This 3rd Eye Ambigram tattoo has mind blowing brown and black combination.

Designer Ambigram Tattoo

Are you a designer wear freak? How about a designer wear tattoo next?

Julie Ambigram Tattoo

Lovely letters on the ribs.

Cambiare Averefede Ambigram Tattoo

Do you look for depths in every action and thought. Then you should get this done!

New Ambigram Tattoo

Those are beautiful letters in dark.

Ambigram Rib Tattoo

This Ambigram Rib tattoo is in ethereal shades of black!

As You Wish Ambigram Tattoo

Stunning words on sensual feet.

Arm Ambigram Tattoo

Ambigram tattoos look stylish and trendy and this arm tattoo is one good example.

Ambigram Black White Tattoo

Life has its shades of black and white. So does this tattoo.

Circle Ambigram Tattoo

Ever wondered why people say life comes full circle? This tattoo is also the same.

Tribal Ambigram Tattoo

If you are attracted to tribal designs, then this might interest you.

Life And Death Ambigram Tattoo

A life and death tattoo done together in an ambigram style is a charming option to go for.

Ambigram Tattoo On Forearm

An ambigram tattoo is the best option for getting inked in the names of your liking without anyone knowing.

Ambigram Tattoo Free Design

A stylish and wonderfully detailed work of an ambigram tattoo on your foot can look even better if teamed up with another quirky ambigram tattoos free designs.

Ambigram Tattoo Dream Believe

Become a believer and get inked in a pretty looking ambigram tattoo saying dream and believe.

Ambigram Tattoo Beautiful Disaster

Be the Beautiful Disaster with this Ambigram tattoo.

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