132 Fantastic Ambigram Tattoos


Fallen Angel Ambigram Tattoo

A fallen angel tattoo can really showcase your inner feelings.

True Love Tattoo

One of the best routes to take while getting inked in an ambigram style tattoo is to not overdo it.

Live True And Love Life Tattoo

The best way to go while getting an ambigram tattoo inked is to get go for simple words.

Truthful Ambigram Tattoo

Get inked in a word that best describes you, like this truthful tattoo.

Respect Family Ambigram Tattoo

Showcase the respect for your family in a pretty looking ambigram tattoo.

Ambigram Name Tattoo For Girl

A perfect looking tattoo of your name done in ambigram style is a great way of going.

Half Sleeve Ambigram Tattoo

Getting inked in your native language is a great way of paying homage to your mother tongue.

Justice Ambigram Tattoo

Let your tattoo do the talking.

Ambition And Fortitude Tattoo

Define your thoughts and visions through your stylish and new age looking ambigram tattoo.

Love Is Pain Tattoo

Showcase your poetic side through your ambigram designed tat.

Atheist Tattoo Design

Vocalize your belief system in a stylishly done ambigram tattoo.

Sinner Saint Tattoo Ambigram

A sinner and saint worded tattoo works wonders if you are planning on getting an ambigram tattoo done for the first time.

Hope Ambigram Tattoo

A hope tattoo is an awesome and a unisex option for getting an ambigram tattoo inked.

Black Ink Ambigram Tattoo On Forearm

Get inked in something that truly resonates your personality.

Ambigram Tattoo On Bicep

An ambigram tattoo done in duo tone works in wondrous ways.

Name Ambigram Foot Tattoo

A meaningful tattoo done in an ambigram style works perfectly for every tattoo lover.

Memorable Name Tattoo Idea

A simple looking and wonderfully done image of a name done in ambigram technique is the best way to go.

Tribal Ambigram Tattoo Design

You can successfully team up your choice of a tribal wing tattoo with an ambigram tattoo resulting in gorgeous tats!

Cross Ambigram Tattoo On Rib Side

A cross tattoo incorporated with an ambigram inspired tattoo is great way to go for.

Carpe Diem Tattoo Forearm

Getting inked in an ambigram styled tattoo is the best way of representing your positive attitude.

Believe Achieve Ambigram Tattoo

An identical looking tattoo done in an ambigram fashion works wonders for every tattoo enthusiast.

Upper Back Ambigram Tattoo

A wolf inspired ambigram ink is the perfect way to go for even first timers.

Daughter Name Tattoo For Mom

A wonderfully done ambigram tattoo is a great way of representing your love for your loved ones.

Written Tattoo Idea

A strongly worded tattoo done in an ambigram style works perfectly.

Tattoo Name Idea

An ambigram tattoo of a loved one is a great option to go for.

Reverse Tattoo

A wonderfully done tattoo of your last name in an ambigram style is a great way to go for.

Flippable Tattoo

Get inked in ambigram style as a ways of getting to know new and awesome styles.

Flip Tattoo

Represent the love you have for your father in a wonderfully done ambigram tattoo of the word ‘father’.

Word Tattoo

A single worded ambigram tattoo is a great option to go for.

Two Name In One Tattoo

Get inked in an ambigram style of your daughter’s name.

One Word Ambigram Tattoo Idea

You can get your names inked in a stylish looking ambigram tattoo.

Two Words In One Tattoo

A father, mother tattoo done in an ambigram tattoo style is a great way of going.

Name Ambigram Tattoo Idea

A great way of opting for an ambigram tattoo is by dedicating it to the name of your loved one.

Name Tattoo

A great way to accentuate your love for each other is to get your loved one’s name done in an ambigram style.

One Word Tattoo

An ambigram ink of the word blessed is a great way of going if you are confused about getting inked.

Life And Death Tattoo

An ambigram ink of a life and death tattoo conveys your dual nature perfectly.

Wording Tattoo For Guy

A great way to empower yourself and your thoughts is by getting inked in a carpe diem inspired ambigram tat.

Custom Ambigram Tattoo

A great way to demonstrate your love to your special someone is by getting their name inked in an ambigram style.

Sinner Saint Ambigram Tattoo

Now that’s little naughty on the hand.

Christian Ambigram Tattoo

Something that you believe in!.

Life Death Ambigram

The true paradoxes of life inked on the arm.

Rib Ambigram Tattoo

That’s a neat work on the rib.

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