Amazing Nostalgic Photographs of Wrecks

Wrecks are created in a variety of different ways.  Sometimes ships run aground and are abandoned, other wrecks are created for specific purposes such as to promote a marine ecosystem, while still others are glorious monuments to the past.  Shipwrecks are the most famous type of wreck, but there are also plane wrecks and car wrecks as well, in abandoned airfields and junkyards.

This amazing collection showcases nostalgic examples of wreck photography.  Whether you’re a fan of black and white photography, infrared photography or HDR photography, you’ll find amazing wreck photographs in this collection to inspire you.

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Chronicle of a Wreck by Martin Zalba

The Last Stand by Mary Kay

Diving the Wrecks of Bermuda by Julian Calverly

Plane Wreck by Paul Christey

Old Wreck by Dan Proud

Wreck Below the Cliffs by lovestruck

Moreton Island Wreck by Glen Flower

Point Reyes Boat Wreck by Adam Smith

Agulhas Wreck by Nick Reed

Wreck at Kanyon Site by Hasan Yokes

Scrap Yard by Yaroslav Nikitin

Boatyard by Antochenko Alexander

The Abandoned Cart by Vinoth Chandar

Plassey Shipwreck by latchiko

The Fixer Upper by Andrew Thatcher

The Rope That Binds Us by Andrew Thatcher

The Wreck by Gary McParland

Hybrid by Navid Baraty

Graffiti Wreck by HarryZero

Rally Wreck by Questavia

HDR Wreck by Jorgen Valen

Red Wreck by Tony Taffinder

Wreck of the Hesperus by John Paul George

Helicopter Wreck in Oman by Ian Hunter

Jake Seaplane by Norbert Probst