Amazing Fantasy Illustrations

One of our most popular posts here on CreativeFan was our roundup of Dark and Mysterious Fantasy Wallpapers, so we decided to do another fantasy artwork roundup, this time of fantasy illustrations.  Fantasy is one of the most popular genres for film and literature, with two film series (Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings) dominating the box office during the past decade.

In this collection, you’ll find our new collection of fantasy illustrations, which feature brave warriors, beautiful princesses, fiery dragons and vicious monsters, castles and more.

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Hand of the Jade Dragon by Mario Wibisono

Blood by Guanjiang Huang

Sacrifice by Andrew Hou

Gathering by Kerem Beyit

The Dragon’s Domain by VampirePrincess

Otako Naoko by raynkazuya

Desecrated Source of Magic by Alexander

Strange Island by raybender

Offspring Cover by Kerem Beyit

Final Battle by Viktor Titov

Hunting Drows by Dave Rapoza

Alien Landscape by Andree Wallin

One Winged Riot by Hayabusa

The Bridge by Gate-To-Nowhere

The Bridge by Dave Rapoza

Sailing the Desert by Gate-To-Nowhere

Life is Beautiful by El Diez

Adamant Citadel by Alexiuss

Guys Turn Into Lions by Dave Rapoza

Mornfalma by Dima

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