Amazing Clean Designs Created with Flash

Clean websites are getting more and more popular all over the net. Many people just love lightweight designs with simple layouts, free from heavy web elements and complex color combinations. The main idea of clean designs is to achieve simplicity in form and content thereby presenting a clear message to the website visitors. It can be attained by taking into account some important aspects that make a web design clean.

So, what should we do in order to create a good clean style website?

  • Simplify the layout by minimizing content. Remove most of the images and leave, for example, the one that is the most expressive.
  • Create a structural balance by means of grid systems.
  • Use white space effectively. It simplifies the work with a website a lot.
  • The use of colors should be moderate and intelligent. For example, you can use an unobtrusive color as a background and then highlight the elements you need by using any accent color.
  • Use images wisely. You need to find a right balance of using graphic elements and images.
  • Use easily readable and expressive typography: if used appropriately, it is able to replace heavy images and visual elements.

Clean style works perfectly for Flash websites. In addition to attractive look, comfortable layout and convenient navigation, Flash clean websites load faster being cleared from clutter.

Below is a collection of inspiring Flash websites created in clean style. They are really perfect examples of well performed designs, and I hope you will find some fresh ideas for your own projects.


A Flash website of the company that produces digital and printing solutions for professionals in design, advertising, etc. The navigation of this clean style design is really unusual: each menu section is a separate interactive page with its own background. The flying interactive circles that are thrown randomly on the page are the menu sub-sections.


Minimalistic Solution with Scrolling Gallery

This clean style Flash website is peculiar for unusual great layout, excellent graphics and high functionality. The gallery allows the website owner to upload images of different size.

Red Interactive Agency

A Flash portfolio of an online marketing and web development group. An accurate and stylish work: professional look, calm design and neat typography.

Joey Ho Design

The Flash website of an interior design company. Performed in minimalistic style, it combines functionality and simplicity in use. The image gallery preview is performed in a popular style that is beloved by many users.

Clean Flash Design with 3D Gallery

This business Flash design has got plenty of attractive features: a resizable accordion vertical menu, an unusual carousel 3D gallery, a convenient drop up menu, etc.

Grow Interactive

A clean free from clutter business Flash website with a simple menu and convenient gallery navigation.

Sonja Mueller

The Flash Photo portfolio of Sonja Mueller, a photographer based in Berlin. The gallery concept is really unusual: each tree hides a photo work.


This Flash clean design looks great, as for me: every website element is neat and clear. The gallery navigation is functional and convenient. A simple but so attractive Flash website!

Business Clean Flash Design

A very simple and clean Flash design for an online business project. There is an ability to change the background, add menu sections as well as modify all the website elements by means of an in-built Flash CMS.

White Void

The Flash website of an interactive designer and artist based in Berlin. Everything is simple and clear: the background is unobtrusive, and the main focus is on the 3D floating gallery preview.

This website allows a visitor to choose any of four 3D menu layouts. A really stunning concept, a memorable unusual gallery design.

Tedone Design

The Flash website of Domenico Tedone, an Italian designer. A really well made clean style website with 3D effects.

Flash Solution with Transitional Effects

A very clear Flash design with a transitional effect. Every element is so simple, stylish and unobtrusive.


Philter Design

This clean style website belongs to a web design studio “Philter Design”. The gallery is performed in the form of an interactive cube divided into clickable layers. Each layer is the designer’s work.

Microsoft Office Mac

This amazing Flash website totally reflects the idea that its owners wanted to get over to their visitors: “Simplify Your Work”. A very creative concept with plenty of attractive elements and exciting interactivity.

Kenneth Elgaard

The Flash website of the artist Kenneth Elgaard. The menu is performed in the form of an interactive circle that can be easily rotated by dragging it with your mouse.  The gallery navigation is quite simple but creative: to view the gallery you also need to drag images with the mouse.

Normann Copenhagen

A really stunning Flash website with an impressive full screen image gallery and slideshow mode.

The Things I Love

One more clean style Flash website with a creative concept. One of the most interesting elements of the website is a floating hidden menu that can be viewed when you mouse over the right side of the page.

Flash Solution for Psychology Project

A Flash template with an attractive menu and simple layout.


Innocean Worldwide

A stylish calm Flash design with a convenient drop down menu and clear navigation.


This Flash website of a web design company is peculiar for its really unusual design: each layer of the interactive circle contains the menu and gallery sections.


Do The Right Click

A stylish clean Flash website with a creative concept. There are three gallery designs of different shapes that make the website really amazing.



A clear light Flash design with a convenient menu and simple navigation. The gallery can be viewed by means of a horizontal scrolling bar.



A professionally designed Flash portfolio of Loic Dupasquire, an art director and web designer. The gallery can be viewed by dragging a cursor inside of an interactive navigation circle.

The Critical Mass

This unusual Flash website has been created for presenting various interesting facts of climate change. Performed in clean style, it demonstrates an interesting way of interactive data visualization.


Flash Design for Online Business Project

This Flash design will definitely like those of you, who prefer business project websites with some funny notes added.


If you plan to create your own project in minimalist style, do it carefully, because it is so easy to go too far in an attempt to simplify the design. Everything should be well-planned and harmoniously combined.

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