Adorable Clever Pet Photographs That Will Make You Smile

People love their pets, as they are members of their family and offer a friendship between owner and pet that is one of the joys in life.  Whether you like dogs, cats, birds, or a different kind of animal as your pet, everyone can agree that their own pets have a special place in their heart.

Naturally, photographers love taking photographs of their pets, as a way of sharing the experiences with the world.  Whether it’s a clever setup with meticulous details, or just a candid snapshot of their pet, these photographs will be sure to make you smile.


Foul Shot by Olegs Patrejevs

Puppies Can Fly by PJ Taylor

Morning Glow by Jonathan Fleming

Storytime by Aye Shamus

Say Ah by cappy

Turtle and Apple by Vedran Vidak

Breakdance by Jernej Lasic

Hurry Up by Leo

Lady Lula’s Bright Eyed Stare by Zulpha Dawson

Peter Pan by Hao Xuan

The Tiger by Joel Montagner

Mercy, No Fishing by CathS

Tired by Bill Mangold

Teaser by Johan Lind

Family Portrait by Richard Toro

Tea Time by Ellen van Deelen

Mrs. Tinks by Adrian Davies

Bubble Eye by byspice

Ready by Pacifist

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