A Snapshot of Humanity: 30 Amazing Portrait Photographs

Portrait photography can be one of the most powerful and impactful forms of photography.  One only needs to remember the famous National Geographic photograph of an Afghan girl and the story behind that photograph to understand the power of portrait photography.  With use of selective color techniques, black and white photography, HDR and other photography techniques, photography has evolved so that the visual impact of a portrait photograph can be even moreso than ever before.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 30 amazing portrait photographs that offer a snapshot of humanity, from the high tech digital age to remote villages, and everywhere in between.  You’ll be moved and inspired by these incredible photographs.

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Every Picture Tells A Story by Sandy Powers

Cry by Oyvind Ganes Eknes

One Old Man by Simona7659

I’m a Clown by Jesus Guzman Moya

Zoltan Huzsti

Ice by Illya Rashap

High Tech Child by Rick Langer

Modern Gladiator by Jeroen Oosterhof

Cabaret by Stephanie Toselli

Fa(ce)mily by Thomas Krauss

Devotion by Joey

Stop Killing People by Surinder Singh

Old Fans by Jack Kamaruddin

Tina by Vedran Vidak


The Age of Wisdom by Tomasito

Painter by Bruno Schlumburger

Hamar Woman, Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue

Silenced by LovetheLight

Carbunari by Marius Grozea

Old Lady by Sukanto Debnath

Faked Geisha by manganite

Breakdown by Jeroen Oosterhof

D’arcy by Nick Wheeler

A Strange New World by Chris

Lonely by Andre Arment

Flower by Daniel Otten

Brothers by Deskounlmtd

The Sailor Man by Ario Wibisono

Keeping an Eye on Matters by Bolandrotor

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