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A Roundup of 30 Explosive Freelance Portfolios


Freelancers can have a tough time getting noticed, with the competition fierce and many clients now choosing alternative routes of design, such as stock templates or crowdsourcing, freelance designers have to compete for every client they get.  Word of mouth and referrals can help a lot, but one of the surefire ways to get hired is to have an explosive and dynamic freelance portfolio.

This post showcases 30 freelance portfolios that will catch your eye with the design and keep you captivated by the work showcased there, from designers, illustrators and developers around the globe.

Contribute your freelance portfolio in the comments!

1. Ed Peixoto

Brazilian web designer and art director.

2. Michael Heald

Designer, animator and illustrator who does what he loves.

3. Andre Weier

Web and graphic designer living in Neuenrade, Germany.

4. Cristiana Bardeanu

Amsterdam based freelance web designer, photographer and occasional painter.

5. Gummi Sig

Iceland based international corporate website designer.

6. 45 Royale

Web design and graphic artists from Canton, Georgia.

7. Jason Santa Maria

Brooklyn, New Yorker with a clean style and a passion for usability and beauty.

8. Rogie

Icon and web designer living in Helena, Montana.

9. Brightbulb Studio – Anita Bilan

Services from this California designer range from identity to flash programming.

10. Pauline Osmont

specializes in web design, graphic design and illustration. Many other talents.

11. Shannon Moeller

Creative mixture of graphics and web design centered in Boulder, Colorado.

12. Craig Shields

Exciting Lincoln University Undergraduate who specializes in the digital arts and illustration.

13. Pete Harrison

Designer from Torquay, UK with a striking site.

14. Chris Brauckmuller

Gainesville, Florida based creative expert specializing in making websites grow.

15. Alexey Abramov

Graphic designer and identity creator living in Moscow.

16. Janis

An interactive designer based in Riga, Latvia.

17. Trevor Hutchison

Perth, Australia based graphic designer.

18. James McDonald

Interface deisnger from Glasgow, Scotland.

19. Carl Rosekilly

Front end web design, stationery and brochures highlight this Blackpool, England designer.

20. Jan Tonellato

Web, interaction, print, logo and corporate designer from Paris, France

21. Brandon Todd Wilson

The personal site of a logo and site designer in Kansas City.

22. Jonno Riekwel

Interface designer from Rotterdam, The Netherlands who specializes in CSS and HTML.

23. Simon Collison

Author, illustrator and speaker based in Nottingham, England.

24. Doug Bowman

Creative director for Twitter who has a passion for clean design and typography.

25. Jina Bolton

Developer, author, designer and speaker residing in San Francisco.

26. David Lanham

Illustrator in both traditional and digital media based in Central Florida.

27. Jeff Croft

Graphic designer and web standards designer from Seattle, Washington.

28. David Airey

Brand identity designer and design author from Northern Ireland.

29. Elena Savitskaya

London based web and graphic designer.

30. Jessica Greenwalt

Illustrator, graphic designer and web developer in San Francisco, California.

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