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6 Helpful Photoshop Tricks for Beginners


Photoshop is a great tool to play with images. You can do so much with it, that even Photoshop pros aren’t completely aware of ALL the features.  However, for beginners especially, Adobe Photoshop can seem quite overwhelming, and its hard to narrow down the features to performing a given useful task.

With so many options, it is difficult to limit this list to a few Photoshop tricks. But here is my list of some useful items that you can do with Photoshop, that beginners will love. If you need more free Photoshop resources, check out these posts:


1. Change heads

Just open both images. Select the head that would replace the old one. Drag that head using the Move tool. This will make a new layer. Select this layer and select Rotate and then Scale from Edit> Transform to fit the head properly. Here is a picture that I used as an example:

2. Cutting a part out

If you want to cut out a part of your image, you can do it easily with the clone stamp tool. It is one of the most basic tools that you learn when you are introduced to Photoshop. Simply select the Clone Stamp Tool and select the area that you want to replace any given area. Alt + Click on it. Now click and drag the copied area to the unwanted area that you want to replace. And this is how it works:

3. Changing lip color

Open your picture in Photoshop. Select the lip area. Select Hue/Saturation from Image > Adjustment. Select Colorize, and then select the right shade from Hue Saturation and Lightness sliders. This would change the lip color according to your choice. Here is the result I got:

4. Remove acne using Photoshop

You might have been unsuccessful in getting rid of acne from your face, but now you can get rid of it from your pictures. Here is how to do it.

Open your picture in Photoshop. Make sure it has acne spots. Click on Spot Healing Brush. Change the brush size if you want. Click and hold mouse button. Drag it over your acne spot, and now release the mouse button. The spot will be removed.

5. Removing the red eye effect

Sometimes you click a great picture, and when you look at it, you see the devil in your eyes. The photo becomes useless due to the red eye effect. Here is how to remove it:

Open the image in Photoshop- in later versions, because this tool is not available in earlier ones. Select the Red Eye tool and select the square area around the eye. When you will release the mouse button, the red part will disappear. I have done it on one eye for this example.

6. Changing lighting effects

You can make pictures darker or brighter using Photoshop. Open the picture in Photoshop. Click on Curve Layer Adjustment given in layer panel. You can pull the curve and make adjustments to the lighting. This way you can make a bright image dark, or a dark image bright.

These were some simple Photoshop tricks that you can try at home. Try these and see how they turned out to be.

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