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51 Spectacular Slow Shutter Speed Digital Photography


Slow shutter speed photography is the process of closing the aperture and capturing less light, allowing a photograph to be taken over a longer period of time without becoming washed out or overexposed.  It can be exceptionally useful for capturing motion and creative results.

For this incredible roundup, we’ve gathered up 51 slow shutter speed Digital photographs to leave you inspired and ready to try out slow shutter speed photography for yourself.

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Enjoy the photographs.

Conviction by Takashi

The Wildstyle by czd72

Michael Bosanko

Super S. by Matthew Fang

Stream by Eric

Tyler Wescott

Slow Shutter by sykarn

Gummy Bear by Michael Fanta

Newcastle Bath Cascade by Luke Sugars

The End of Everything by Dude Crush

Dizzy Fall by Nick Scribner

Flame Wall by Dan De Chiaro

What Beer Are You by Eran Hakim

Remain Wild by CathS

I Walk Under the Global Warming by rsofyan

The Yellow House Sessions by Justin Martinez

Scorpion Night by ixhumni

Phoenix Light Rail Sunrise by G. Brummett

Glowing Barrel by David Orias

Dusk by 2121studio

Lipstick by Risquillo

Paris Fountain by Julien Hery

Knapp’s Castle, Electrified by burnblue

Marble Canyon Waterfall by Cas

Disney Illuminations by expressmonorail

Light Caffeine Boost by Steve

Untitled by Dave Smith

On Evening by Milan Malovrh

Speed Limiter by KPK

Long by Mark Barker

Go Fast by anto XIII

Ramat Gan City by Israel Fichman

Seljalandsfoss by Claudio Coppari

Diego Haristoy – Gizmodo Entry

Ride the Lightning by Glyph

Kite by Stu Mayhew

Wave Panning by Jim Patterson

A Symphony of Lights – Hong Kong by Jim Boud

Going Nowhere by Oskar Pal Elfarsson

Tram and Speed by Markus Bahlmann

Light Speed by ajax8055

Light Speed by TwinLeaves

Sleepwalker by Nadiology

Gomez on the Escalator by Brian Shaler

Hong Kong in Motion by Steve Webel

Venizia in Malaysia by Ahmad Hakym

Slide by Nexus

Crossover by Michael Bosanko

Tribal by Xper

1000 Trips by pbo31

Fun with Tree Lights by Eric

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