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51 Inspirational and Eye-Catching Bokeh Photographs


Bokeh photography is the aesthetic quality of the depth of field and out of focus blur that occurs due to the way that cameras capture light.  While bokeh can often be an unwanted element in photography and is the cause of much frustration for aspiring photographers, bokeh can also add an incredible touch to the image when used properly, so it is widely acknowledged within the photography community that there is good bokeh and there is bad bokeh.  With the wide growth of digital photography and the recent surge of bokeh in web design, bokeh photographs are an increasingly popular subject.

In this roundup, you’ll find 51 inspirational examples of bokeh photography, where photographers have managed to utilize bokeh effects for their advantage, resulting in some very beautiful bokeh photographs.

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Fallen Cup by krawat93

Bokeh Drop by Corrie

Bokeh Fields by Paul Hocksenar

Cup of Bokeh by Groundhog Day

Let’s Watch Together by Andrew Wong

Dorothy and the Dream Catcher by twisted3mind

Petra by Bratartist

Photographobia by Tiago Ribeiro

Sakura Dreaming by sortvind

Dog by moaan

Garden Fireworks by Mark-F

Sweet Dreams by Sortvind

A Summer Dream by Honeycorn

Bokeh Bubbles by roseonthegray

Mellow by Sortvind

House of Cards by vampirezombie

Holiday Bokeh by Kathy

Palmy Bokeh by digidreamgraphics

The Fingers of Summer by Ryan Brenizer

Crystallized Bokeh by korpinkynsi

Butterfly by nickwheeleroz

Liquid Gold by Sandy515

Glitter Drop in Bokeh by sharkoskixchaos

Sunshine instead of Rain by lubna-essence

Rainbow Spew by Danny Ngan

Starry Night by impressionenmeer

Sushi by Koinis

Pumpkins and Bokeh by AcidicGlamor

Pearl Bokeh by Thiur

Shallow Depth of Field by Casper Lans

Lluvio de bokeh by Alejandro Ruiz

Bokeh by dangorka

Santa Bokeh by mouseteeff

Harold Lloyd

Beluga Friends by indebox

Cedar Waxwing by Christopher Drake

Bokeh Spiral by Eric Wustenhagen

Bokeh After Rain by angimax

Daydreamer by Ohanokay

Harold Lloyd

Spider Web by inertia09

Green Vine Snake by Deepak Kulkarni

Blue Hour by Will Montague

Coca Cola by red dhalia

Here Here Fishy by Dennis R.

Mine by embr

Luck by Anna Gay

Aych Bee Dubya by My Reality

Red One by shannkat

Starbucks by Mulia

Morning Dew by Nick Benson