50 Creative Wine Label Designs

Wine label design is incredibly important for wine manufacturers.  While we’ve all been taught not to judge a book by its cover, it is no secret that outward design plays a large role in taste perception as well as our likeliness to buy any given product.  Because of the amount of competition in the wine industry, with various areas such as France, Italy, South America, California in the USA and other locations each having a unique style and flavor, getting a loyal customer base is important.

We’ve collected up 50 creative wine label designs from wine brands around the globe.  Whether you’re a fan of red wine, white wine or a different variety, these wine label designs are truly amazing.

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Shiraz Red Wine

Regalis Wine

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Mannering Park Wine

Kral Sofrasi Wine

MCR Wine

Elu and Virtu Wines

Lazarus Wine

Bulgarica Wine

Shefa Young Wine

Solitaire Wine

Ramian Wine

Cabernet Nouveau Wine

Amritta Wine

Reggina Estate

Colier Wine

CareMore Invitation Wine

Segreto Wine

Mayrah Wine

Plum Sake

The Tentacle Wine

Backyard Wine

Sommelier Wine

Neige Ice Ciders

Ice Wine

Urban Influence Wine

BRND WGN Christmas Wine

Senorio De Jaen Wine

Marisco Vineyards Wine

Vin Malbec Wine

The Wine Society

Rousse Rose Wine

Rethink Table Wine

Nocturnalis Wine

Tierra Earth Wine

MagPie Wine

Organ Studio Wine

Bonefire Wine

Buddy Mulled Wine

The Executive Wine

Moet and Chandon Wine

Longitude Wines

Diwine Wine

Burn Cottage Wine

Mas Romani Wine

Helderberg Wine

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