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50 Conceptual CG Buildings and Environments


Digital painting and computer graphics are two powerful ways to create conceptual artworks and visualize environments for film, books, and games. Digital painting allows the artist to quickly establish lighting, color, and mood, while computer graphics allows for a refined touch on the architecture and environment as a whole.

In this post, Marcin gathered up 50 conceptual buildings and environments created with computer graphics and digital painting.

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Thunder factory by priteeboy

Storm Castle by crahzz

The castle by gypcg

Bombed Buildings by thegryph

buildings by Wqu10n

buildings hug people by Dryui

Liberty by kerembeyit

Caedalsis by SilentReaper

Dark Alley by Hideyoshi

Furthercity by Wdpk

Futuristic Speedpaint by Temiree

King Kong Buildings by 3dnutta

Matte Painting 5 by astrokevin

Tech City Market by JayAxer

An Underworld by Hideyoshi

aquapolis by sketchboook

Brake of Dawn by srulik24

Distance by Anuwolf

Speed painting metropolis by HentaiNeko

The 3 Pigs by Raphael-Lacoste

tonsillitis concept 2 by nefar007

Watching the suns go down by priteeboy

Church Ruins by crahzz

Cold Church by Hazzard65

iron church by molybdenumgp03

Two Brothers by MistressVixen

World Trade Center by Almightypickle

China Tower by torvenius

Frame of Eiffel Tower by index11

Haunted House by DaakSM

House in tree by hanci

Ivory Tower by Hideyoshi

magic house by Real SonkeS

Sunflower Tower by frankhong

The Ravens Tower by jerry8448

The tower by Hamsterfly

The Tower of Erian by Kyomu

Castle by DarthEldarious

Castle by Sinto risky

dark tower by godbo6

Eiffel Tower by mmn22

Landscape 012 by NightmareGK13

The Tower by MeckanicalMind

The Tower by NathanRosario

tower post 2 by leventep

Temple by tariq12

Environment 04 by Concept-Art-House

Reactor by Dion35

ARRAKIS by nelson808

Canyon by tariq12

Environment Winter Village by I NetGraFX

new villa at night by ibrahim ksa-d2ydh2u

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