5 Unique Ways to Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important activities of internet marketers. Without the proper research, you may not be optimizing your pages, or paying for keywords that are not right for your niche. And while most marketers know and use Google’s keyword tool, there are other ways to find excellent key phrases to target.

In this article, Adriana will walk you through a detailed scenario for keyword research, and she will help you explore the various ways that you can perform keyword research.

Hopefully you find this article useful, and as always, comments and discussion are welcomed.

Let’s do some research for “baby strollers” using different tools, and see what we come up with.

ebay search

1. Baby Strollers research at Ebay.com – let’s see what we can find out from Ebay. If I enter “baby stroller” on the search box at eBay, I’ll immediately see several key phrases in a drop down: write each one of them in a notepad, and then continue your search by clicking on the search button. Once on the next page, click on the word stroller at the top of the navigation, and on the next page you’ll find different brands and types of strollers: more keywords for you. You can continue by clicking on “more…” and dig as deep as you like.

ebay refine search ebay search
amazon search

2. Another way to find keywords for your niche is Amazon.com – you pretty much start the same way as you did with eBay, by entering your main keyword in the search box. Again, you’ll be provided with a first set of key phrases, which, as you’ll see, are different from those we got from eBay.

amazon search

From the drop down, pick the baby strollers in the baby category and click go. On the next page, click on the word Strollers (you’ll see it on the left navigation, right at the top), and you’ll find a lot more information there: stroller types, stroller brands, etc.

shopping.com search

3. Next, let’s see how Shopping.com may help us find even more key phrases. At the bottom of the page, you’ll, see a link to “top searchers”. Click on that and it will take you to the Consumer Demand Index. From there, scroll down until you see Strollers (it’s in alphabetical order), and click on that. And on the next page, you’ll find the top 100 key phrases searched for by shoppers: a wealth of information, as these are actual phrases buyers are searching for.

google products search

4. Google product search is another option: go to http://www.google.com/products and enter your key phrase in there. In our case, baby strollers: again, you’ll see a drop down with lots of phrases, and again they are different from what we found before. The procedure is very similar with what we did before: click on the strollers in the navigation, you’ll be taken to another page with more info about brands and stores you can find strollers at. Again, dig as deep as you want. You’ll also see different strollers for sale, and if you sift through those you’ll find long tail keywords that you can rank easily for. Visitors coming through these searches are ready to buy as they are already at the end of their research: they already know the brand they want.

google products search results

5. And lastly, go to yahoo product search: http://shopping.yahoo.com and enter in your phrase: baby strollers in our case. On the next page, scroll down all the way and you’ll see “top searches” and “top brands”. At the top of that page you’ll also see long tail key phrases, similarly to Google products search. Again, these will be very easy to rank for and people will have their credit cards out, ready to buy.

yahoo products search

If you gather all the information form these sources, you’ll be way ahead of your competition, and you’ll have a good number of ideas for your niche.

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