5 Great and Dynamic Flash Sliders for Your Website

jQuery sliders are gaining ground, but Flash sliders are still one of the more popular solutions because they are more versatile and customizable, particularly in interactive websites.  Are you tired of boring JavaScript sliders?  If your site doesn’t say: “wow check this out!”, then try out one of these Flash sliders from our list of the 5 best Flash sliders that we included in this article.

Flash sliders can be coded in, but many Flash sliders also come with their own plugins for popular CMS platforms such as WordPress.  You can quickly change animation effects and draw attention to your lightbox products, so Flash sliders are certainly something to consider using in your projects.

If you’re still looking for jQuery plugins instead of Flash sliders, these posts will interest you:

Hope you find the Flash sliders useful!

Piecemaker 2 Flash Slider

Piecemaker is a totally free (MIT license) image banner  rotator based on XML. It comes with loads of new features including improved transitions, video and SWF support and its very own WordPress & Joomla plug-ins. Piecemaker 2 displays slider buttons to control slide flow or pause the whole banner. It offers displaying description for each slide and CSS support for that to display. With plenty of options to modify for animation we can create a set of totally different effects using the same transition engine.  Piecemaker is definitely one of the best Flash sliders available.

Flash Sliders


FlashSlide is a powerful tool which gives you full freedom to create and customize your banners in the way you prefer without the need to have specialist knowledge, so you can easily create your own Flash sliders on your sites.

With specially designed FlashSlide marketing features, the creation of campaigns becomes more simple, fast and effective. FlashSlide is a fully customizable product for designing advertising elements, banner rotators, business presentations and photos galleries. It gives an opportunity to the customer to become a designer for their active elements on a website.

One of the key element of the FlashSlide product structure is an On-line Administration back-end Panel for customers, where a user can perform any customizations to the stored FlashSlide banners. This means you do not need any more to download suspicious EXE application on your desktop or use XML files to configure your slider, unlike other Flash sliders.

FlashSlide is totally free slider, without any restriction to the commercial products and includes all functionality implemented in other Flash sliders like Piecemaker, Cu3er, Cu3ox and 10CMS all together.

Flash Sliders

Cu3er Flash Slider

Cu3er is the 3D image slider, easy to set up, fully customizable, tailored to provide a unique look & feel.

This Flash slider mostly focuses on images and their effects, so Cu3er provides banner templates to use from which helps with designing your creation. On-line administration panel to modify Flash sliders might be overwhelming at first but after few created banners you get familiar with all features and how to proper use them.

Flash Sliders

Cu3ox Flash Slider

With CU3OX you can create an attractive image slider with cool 3D slice effects and transitions between slides. Animations used in Cu3ox are more powerful than what Cu3er or other Flash sliders have to offer. Cu3ox offers visual interface for Windows OS as an EXE application to download. In Cu3ox all images are loaded on the fly and with no loading times in between slides. You can use photos directly from Flickr or PhotoBucket in your image slider.

Flash Sliders

10CMS Flash Slider

10CMS slider is one of his kind business e-commerce Flash slider. 10CMS offers mostly features like: easy integration for user’s products database or information points dropped by the user. Main goal of 10CMS is to present user’s goods which are interactive on-demand for users. 10CMS Solutions deliver a unique online brand experience by enabling marketers to enrich their brand assets with sophisticated interactive elements that support customer purchase. The resulting Flash sliders are a more engaging experience that drives more sales while re-enforcing brand values.

However 10CMS does not include any of the 3D animation to attract the user that other Flash sliders have, but contains the on-line administration panel to edit banners in very user-friendly way.

Flash Sliders

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