40 Stunning Photographs of Animals

Animal photography is one of the most beautiful as well as challenging area in photography.  Taking the best shot of any animal is very tricky, because predicting the behavior of any animal is so hard. But if photographer is experienced and talented then he can get the best photograph of any animal. Of course it’s not always possible with common cameras! 😉

Here I collected 40 Stunning Photographs of Animals, and I hope you will enjoy seeing the talent of these photographers. If you like this post then don’t forget to comment and share your favorite photograph with me.

If I missed to link any image or linked to wrong page then let me know.

The cry

Photograph by Jose A Gallego

the cry by jose A Gallego

Cattle Egret, Florida

Photograph by Troy Lim

Cattle egret florida

Stretching Tiger, India

Photograph by Michel Zoghzoghi

Tiger stretch india


Photograph by Brin

Interplay by Brin

Squirrel Portrait, Banff

Photograph by Melissa Brandts

Squirrel portrait banff

Smith’s Green-Eyed Gecko

Photograph by Anke Seidlitz

Smiths green eyed gecko L’Etat c’est moi

Photograph by Holger Droste

L'Etat c'est moi by Holger Droste

Wood Frog

Photograph by Kevin Chodzinski

Wood frog swamp

Puffin, Skomer Island

Photograph by Nathaniel Gonzales

Puffin skomer islandGod Bless

Photograph by Cheri

God Bless by Cheri

Peacock, Sarasota

Photograph by Phil Pummell

Peacock sarasota

Peacock, New Zealand

Photograph by Rina Caffarella

Peacock new zealand

A Moment of Reflection

Photograph by Justin Hofman

A Moment of Reflection by Justin Hofman


Photograph by Jis Jose

Owl carolina raptor center

Orangutan, London Zoo

Photograph by B. A. Stewart and David S. Boyer

Orangutan london zoo

Sciurus vulgaris

Photograph by Henrik

Sciurus vulgaris by Henrikvulgaris

Northern Spotted Owl

Photograph by Michael Nichols

Northern spotted owl

Mandarin Ducks, National Zoo

Photograph by Michael Schmidt

Mandarin ducks national zoo

The kick

Photograph by Auster

The kick by Auster

Lowland Gorillas, Bronx Zoo

Photograph by Richard Conde

lowland gorillas nap

Lion, South Africa

Photograph by Barbara Motter

lion yawning

Are you looking at me

Photograph by Eduard

Are you looking at me by Eduard

Lion Profile

Photograph by Boza Ivanovic

lion profile

Lion Brothers, Australia

Photograph by Mick Tsikas

lion brothers australia


Photograph by Natalie Manuel

Brothers by Natalie Manuel

Leopard in Tree, Kenya

Photograph by Lesley Bender

Leopard kenya bender


Photograph by Anna Ponomareva

Hippopotamus close up


Photograph by Jari Hakala

Squirrel by Jari Hakala

Green Snake on a Branch

Photograph by Andrea Candela Cooney

Green snake branch

Great White Egret, Florida

Photograph by Sara Lopez

Great white egret

Giraffe, London Zoo

Photograph by Faisal Almalki

Diving Tiger, California

Photograph by Briana Taylor

Diving tiger

Camel, Socotra Island

Photograph by Sergei Reoutov

Camel white sand dunes yemen

Brown Vine Snake, Panama

Photograph by Andrew Carrano

Brown vine snake panama

Bee-Eater Feeding Chicks, Hungary

Photograph by József L. Szentpéteri

Bee eater szentpeteri

Bee-Eater in Flight

Photograph by Jószsef L. Szentpéteri

Bee eater flight

Bathing Parrot

Photograph by Cesar Badilla

Bathing parrot

Mahout Bathing an Elephant, India

Photograph by Mohit Midha

Bathing elephant midha

Baby Silver Leaf Langur

Photograph by Xen Riggs

Baby gibbon ohio

Baboon, Bronx Zoo

Photograph by Richard Conde

Baboon bronx zoo

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