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40 Captivating Animal Photographs That Will Take Your Breath Away


Humans share habitation of Earth with an incredible variety of life.  From birds that soar, to fish that swim, rainforest toucans and desert dwellers, every location on Earth has different species inhabiting it.  Many animals avoid close contact with humans, and others are dangerous to approach, so capturing photographs of them can be quite a challenging task.  However, with some of the recent improvements in camera equipment, and the ever improving skill of the photography community, photographers have managed to take some captivating animal photographs.

We’ve gathered up 40 captivating animal photographs from these talented (and in some cases, brave) photographers who have captured the beauty of the natural world to share with us.


Photo by Max Billder

Photo by The National Geographic

Photo by Andreas Saladin

Photo by Miho95

Photo by HuanHuan

Photo by Cyrus Khamak

Photo by Erik Veland

Photo by the National Geographic

Photo by iKate

Photo by tahitipix

Photo by mvbalkom

Photo by Jennifer Stuber

Photo by Andrey Narchuk

Photo by Havik

Photo by Sushyue Liao

Photo by FailingJune

Photo by cloughridge

Photo by Emily

Photo by Kuntha

Photo by Marina Cano

Photo by Leo

Photo by Knotty-Girl

Photo by Boris Godfroid

Photo by ucumari

Photo by Law Keven

Photo by Franchesca Birini

Photo by Clarin

Photo by Dominique Fillippi

Photo by Wendy Salisbury

Photo by Kjunstorm

Photo by Moonauto

Photo by SigiColbe

Photo by Natalie Manuel

Photo by Robert Taylor

Photo by mape_s

Photo by arachiuz

Photo by NoIdentity

Photo by Cassie

Photo by jaewalk

Photo by hvhe1

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