40 Breathtaking Examples of Silhouette Photography

Silhouette photography is a cool branch of photography, which involves capturing silhouetted person or object.  A silhouette is generally defined as an image where the subject’s outline is visible with a featureless interior.  In order to properly capture silhouette photography, clever and innovative use of lighting and technique are required.

This post showcases 40 breathtaking and inspirational examples of silhouette photography, captured masterfully by photographers around the world.  From interior to exterior, sunset and bright daytime skies, these photographs demonstrate what can be achieved using silhouette photography techniques.


Photo by pixx0ne

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Photo by LensEnvy

Photo by nmangelo

Photo by Sharkbait

Photo by bail56

Photo by simpologist

Photo by pmarella

Photo by fortphoto

Photo by matthijs

Photo by FalSal

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Photo by KreativeImages

Photo by Rahmat Mulyono

Photo by Freewine

Photo by Muha

Photo by Sahrivi

Photo by MikeBaird

Photo by voj

Photo by Shoothead

Photo by mk_lynx

Photo by ThreeBlindMice

Photo by Kevin Fleming

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Photo by TJ Scott

Photo by BoganTropuz

Photo by Tomaocron

Photo by Ashiham

Photo by Barbara Orienti

Photo by Muha

Photo by An Untrained Eye

Photo by Kieth Marshall

Photo by Lempkin

Photo by Prateek PK

Photo by Wei Bunn

Photo by Nathan Snider

Photo by Dan B

Photo by Muha

Photo by Matinee

Photo by amaranthinecreations

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